Why Pizza Hut Wants To Invite You To A Party For One

According to the Washington Post, the average American will eat approximately 46 slices of pizza each year. While many love to enjoy it on specific days like Superbowl Sunday, Halloween, and the day before Thanksgiving, it is undoubtedly a treat most tend to enjoy year-round (via Hungry Howie's). The problem comes when someone is planning to eat on their own and has to count on an individual slice shop or risk wasting some by ordering an entire pie for just one person. 

Whether you're looking for a dinner or you're grabbing food on the go, you may find yourself ordering for one at the pizzeria and needing a solo option. Personal pies are available at some establishments like Domino's or in grocery stores as frozen pizzas, but they may not be as crispy or satisfying as a fresh slice from a full pie. Now, Pizza Hut wants to change that.

A whole new pizza the puzzle

Pizza Hut recently took to Twitter to post something about un-shareable material. The post contained a mocked image that said "This photo contains sensitive content which is not for sharing," along with #notforsharing, and a date. Wondering what Pizza Hut's recent cryptic Twitter post means? Some speculated the return of the P'Zone or other former menu items, but it turns out there's something different in store.

On October 18, Pizza Hut is bringing a whole new element to the game meant for the solo diner and is not to be shared with others. According to a press release sent to Mashed, the Hut will be serving a new menu item called Melts, which is essentially an innovative way to serve pizza to one person. Melts is a creation made of Pizza Hut's Thin N' Crispy crust with normal pizza toppings folded over before being baked. 

The Melt will also be accompanied by a dipping sauce to pair with it. And the chain is so confident that it will work as the perfect solo meal that it is encouraging people not to share it. It is offering customers the opportunity to win $100 if they sign an MDA, a Melts Disclosure Agreement, and promise not to share images of the Melts on social media — "Melts are really NOT for sharing," as the press release notes.