You Can Now Order Blue Apron Meals From Amazon And Costco

Cooking meals at home can be a hassle, but subscription-based meal kits make the process a little easier. In-person grocery shopping can be a thing of the past if you want it to, with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and more offering recipes and the ingredients used to make them mailed directly to your front door. 

According to Statista, Blue Apron held more than 336,000 subscribed customers in 2021. From its seared steaks and crispy shallots, pan-seared chicken, beef medallions, and all of its vegetarian options, Blue Apron has allowed people with no cooking experience at all to make chef-inspired meals in the comfort of their homes. Best of all, it's often cheaper than what eating out would be (per Consumer Reports).

Now, Blue Apron has made sure that its mailed meal kits can be purchased with even more ease, thanks to a third-party partnership with Amazon and Costco.

Meals kits made easy

While Blue Apron was once a subscription-only delivery service, the company has now partnered with Amazon and Costco to bring its offerings to nonsubscribers. The new partnership allows customers to buy Blue Apron meals on their own terms, without the need for a regular subscription.

Through Amazon, shoppers will now be able to purchase a selection of meal kits, including Blue Apron's ready-to-cook options, "family favorite" recipes, "heat and eat" meals, and limited-time, special-occasion boxes, according to Business Wire.

Costco members can also cash in on this sweet new deal by purchasing discounted digital gift cards to Blue Apron, making it convenient for culinary enthusiasts to shop for friends and family. Costco members can save 20% off Blue Apron meals by purchasing a digital gift card; the gift cards come in $100 monetary increments. Costco members can head here for more information on the gift cards.