This Walmart Item Makes Cutting Pineapple So Much Easier

There are a few foods in the world that are delicious, but difficult to eat. Consider for a moment classic tomato bruschetta: It looks lovely sitting there with fresh vegetables adorning the top, seasoned until it's scrumptious. It's so enticing, but the minute you try to pick it up, unless you can hold your hands completely still, you may make a bit of a mess.

Then there are the items that are tasty and good for your body but are a fright to prepare. Like artichokes. WebMD claims that artichokes are often labeled as "superfoods" because of their high level of antioxidants. That's just one of the wonderful things you need to know about artichokes. The problem is, artichokes are basically armored plants that you have to hack through like a jungle guide in order to get to anything resembling edible material.

Speaking of armored produce, it's time to also consider the playful pineapple, which got its name from some very strange sources. It's sweet and juicy, just begging to be put on a pizza to annoy your friends who hate Hawaiian style. It, along with the coconut, is among the most troublesome tropical fruits to try to consume. Walmart may actually have found a way to make prepping and devouring pineapple that much easier.

The pineapple tool from Walmart

There's a perfect tool for every job. If you have a nail, you need a tiny little brush to put nail polish on it. If you have a screw, you need whatever the thing that drives screws into stuff is called. Like a twisty-doodad or whatever. When you need cheese grated, you need oil for your great grater. Finally, when you've got yourself a pineapple, you need what Walmart share on its Instagram: a pineapple corer.

Normally, you'd expect a pineapple corer to remove the core of the pineapple, leaving only the delicious meat behind. However, this one doesn't work quite that way. As the Instagram video shows, you cut the top off the pineapple, insert the tool with a twist, and then actually pull it out. As it exits the pineapple's spiny exterior, the core is left behind as the pineapple flesh comes out as a handy little cylinder for easy cutting and consumption.

When the people of the internet saw this, one commenter had the exact reaction that most of us did, which is, "I didn't know I needed this until now." A person who sounds like they have a tropical fruit habit declared, "Adding this to the must-have list," while another saw a use for the discarded core. "Love wine. And core is ready for my wine," they said.