The Unexpected Food A Customer Supposedly Ordered At McDonald's

Big Macs and fries are typically what usual patrons associate with McDonald's, but this customer in Louisville, Kentucky ordered something that wasn't only unusual, but it wasn't even on the menu. In the past, there have been instances where McDonald's locations have received some pretty interesting preparation requests. Some include burgers without any of their ingredients and half-cut fries (via Business Insider).

However, this specific McDonald's visitor on September 24, 2022 apparently requested an item that could not even be found on the fast food chain's U.S. menu. This person, @mi55lady on TikTok, posted a video to their account documenting the experience.

Even more strangely, the person operating the drive-thru seemed to go through with administering the order, despite its unconventionality. But instead of handing the customer the food when it was done in the next drive-thru window, the paying party was told to come inside to retrieve their unique request. The video then cuts out before they get their order.

The patron apparently received a stuffed bell pepper

In this viral video, which has received over 1.6 million views, @mi55lady asked for a stuffed bell pepper. While this meal is often considered warm and comforting, it is most definitely not an item that is typically ordered at the fast food restaurant.

As stated before, the customer does not end up showing their supposed McDonald's pepper in this first video, which caused quite a bit of confusion in the comments. One user, @sullyjane, asked, "Did you actually get a stuffed pepper or is that code?" The original poster ended up responding to this comment, "yes it was a bell pepper it's in the next video."

TikTok users could actually see in the person's next video that the creator did end up receiving a stuffed bell pepper. The viewer could hear the voice of the person filming in the beginning of the video, saying, "Miss ma'am, I need my bell pepper... fresh!" Moments later, they were presented with the dish.

Although the user didn't film a review of the pepper, they replied to people's questions in the comments, saying it was good and fresh. They explained that they were able to receive the order because they're "friends with someone that cooks every thing but McDonald's at McDonald's."

While this food isn't an official McDonald's dish, there now appears to be some interest if the fast food chain were to ever introduce it.