Instagram Has Mixed Feelings About Martha Stewart's Oktoberfest Menu

It would be nice if Oktoberfest lived up to its name. According to the History channel, it's technically a celebration that takes place at the end of September and concludes on the first Sunday in October. What it should be is a solid month of eating Bavarian foods and committing beer-soaked debauchery, since that's what the moniker implies. However, since the world can't shut down for a full month while everyone revels, it's nice when celebrity chefs provide some suggestions for how to get the most out of this German celebration.

Bobby Flay, a maestro on the grill, naturally has a lot to say about what should go into an Oktoberfest feast. On his show "Barbecue Addiction: Bobby's Basics" he laid out a whole buffet of items to be cooked up as soon as the trees start to shed their leaves for the year. His food choices include trout, fingerling potatoes, brats, fondue, and some grilled radicchio and kale for topping.

Not to be out-grilled, Martha Stewart has also posted an Oktoberfest feast to her Instagram account that shows a wide range of foods to be prepared in celebration of the fall season. However, Stewart's menu seems to involve sausages with a side of sausage, topped with bacon, and served over sausage... Then garnished with bacon.

Vegetarians do not seem welcome at Martha's Oktoberfest celebration

Go to Martha Stewart's Instagram profile and you'll be greeted with loads of quaint autumn themes, cute fashion ideas, rustic household decor, and a picture of a bowl with enough meat in it to make Adam Richman of "Man v. Food" fame balk. It seems one of the surprising things to know about Martha is that she loves loads of links. Indeed, the lifestyle maven put out this mountain of meat in honor of "Oktoberfete!" and viewing it made some Instragrammers salivate, while others were more than a little disgusted.

"How do you keep the bugs away from all that uncovered food?" asked one hygiene-minded commenter upon seeing the pile of protein on a table in a yard. "Martha! What's that liquid the meat is sitting in?" asked another who noticed the murky, milky fluid lurking in the bottom of the bowl. One merely said, "I got meat sweats from the sausage picture." All in all, many people seemed unimpressed with Stewart's offering. But others couldn't be more excited.

"I wanna live in your neighborhood," offered one seeming sausage enthusiast. "Of course it looks better than the Oktoberfest here," said another, who likely only has three dozen sausages on their table setting. "Nice weinurs, m'lady," quipped a fan of alternative English, proving that no matter how much meat you throw at a celebration, someone is going to be on board.