'Almond Nog' Is Making Its Way To Aldi For The Holidays

Though Halloween is still looming on the horizon, Aldi is already kickstarting its winter holiday collection by bringing in some seasonal classics that will definitely turn into pantry staples. One such product is a new "Almond Nog," which is a plant-based take on eggnog.

This traditional Christmas drink is quintessential for the holidays — it can be enjoyed hot or cold, and with or without alcohol. But the one thing that can't usually be customized in traditional eggnog is its use of egg. This makes it difficult for vegans or those with allergies to enjoy this holiday special.

But besides being included in the classic drink's name, eggs are actually a necessary ingredient to make eggnog. According to Sauder's Eggs, egg yolks and whites are often needed in eggnog in order for the beverage to get its foamy texture. Therefore, many people got excited when Aldi released an "Almond Nog" in stores.

Aldi shoppers love the dairy-free option

The Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds released a picture on October 18, showing two containers of Aldi's latest creation. The caption reads, "Be on the lookout for Almond Nog! Will you be trying this? #aldiusa #aldifinds #aldifavoritefinds #almondnog."

On the packaging, the viewer could see that the beverage was completely vegan, and was ready to drink if they didn't choose to heat it up. Naturally, followers flocked to the comments to share their take on the new drink. @emilymitchell37 wrote, "Yes, I tried it the other day, and it's very yummy! Tastes lighter than regular eggnog!" In a similar reply, @sarcasmandsideeye also responded to the prompt, "Love it. Just add bourbon. :)"

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time the supermarket chain has carried dairy-free eggnog in its stores. Aldi also carries an oat milk nog by Chobani, which many commenters referenced in the replies to the newest addition (via Aldi). However, with Aldi being known for its variety of vegan options, it's no surprise that it is constantly expanding its selection, especially into the holidays.