The Unusual Burger Topping That's Gained A Cult Following

Odd food pairings that become trendy, must-try hybrid delicacies have been a part of our culture for many years now. The trend of combining two foods together to create a new version really took off in 2013 with the well-known cronut. Part croissant, part donut, this food trend took off after a bakery in New York City first sold the product (via Fine Dining Lovers). After that, these "frankenfoods" have shown up in a lot of food trends over the years.

From ramen burgers to sushi burritos, there have been a lot of controversial food combinations. But they show up in all types of cuisines. It can be a combination of different cultures, different types of sweets, or just a whole new take on a classic idea. The uptick in these food mashups have allowed more businesses to think of new ways to present an original and innovative food (via First We Feast). Now, one more hybrid is entering our lives and the food has gained a cult following of its own.

California Sushi Roll Burger

This latest food mashup that has entered our lives involves everyone's favorite, the classic burger with a whole new twist for its toppings. It's called the California roll burger, based on the classic California sushi roll and its toppings. It has cucumber, avocado, wasabi mayonnaise, ginger, and the main event: crab (via The Way the Cookie Crumbles). The final product gives that burger feeling and lets you enjoy the juiciness of the patty while also curbing your craving for sushi with the crunchiness of the cucumber and the calm, yet flavorful crab on the top. It's no wonder it has such a cult following. It's everything you crave all wrapped up into one thing, or rather between two buns.

The burger has taken off in California, understandably so. Restaurant 26 Beach, known to be home of the sushi burger (per the restaurant's website), launched this mashup and people love it. Users on Twitter agree, like Mythical Chef Josh who posted a picture of the creation from Black Sheep Burgers and wrote, "Ate a California roll burger for lunch out of pure curiosity and it had no business being as good as it was." Safe to say the hybrid is a smash and people near and far are curious and obsessed over the final creation.