The Hilarious 'Side' Eric Wareheim Puts On His Thanksgiving Table - Exclusive

Whoever said a turkey is the star of Thanksgiving is lying — Thanksgiving sides are the true champion of the holiday. Macaroni and cheese, cornbread, green beans, stuffing, and everything in between can make you full enough to take that annual Turkey Day nap even without the meat. Then the desserts roll around, and even if you are still stuffed to the brim, you need to get a taste of your mom's pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is one of the truest food holidays, and as it gets nearer, we have to highlight the best tips and tricks from the most prominent faces in the food business.

Comedian Eric Wareheim shared his favorite Thanksgiving side with Mashed — and it is certainly unexpected. In an exclusive interview at the New York Times Food Festival, Wareheim disclosed some of his favorite eats. Though he is well-known for his work on Netflix's popular "Master of None" series, the actor also released a cookbook last year; "Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure" highlights food, humor, and wine. With that in mind, it's clear that Wareheim knows how to throw a party, so why not Thanksgiving? When we asked him about his spread, he revealed that what he contributes to the table is more symbolic than edible.

Wareheim loves Brussels sprouts but puts his cookbook on display

One thing that Eric Wareheim can't live without this holiday season is Brussels sprouts. The comedian told Mashed, "My favorite side — this is a very New York thing — is the Momofuku roasted Brussels sprouts." He explained that this was a dish at the Ssäm Bar in the New York City restaurant consisting of "Brussels sprouts tossed in fish sauce and chilies." He also disclosed that he enjoys "traditional crisp beans." Dip them in mashed potatoes, and that sounds like the perfect combination (although dipping your turkey in mashed potatoes is also a contender).

But after Wareheim named his favorite sides, the real question remained: What does he bring to the Thanksgiving table? He hilariously exclaimed, "I usually put my cookbook 'Foodheim' [out] so everyone can look at my face while they eat [and] give thanks for my time." That is definitely on point for the comedian, and it's certainly one way to make yourself the center of a family dinner.

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