Fever-Tree's New Ginger Beer Has A Citrus Twist For Your Holiday Parties

If you're a fan of ginger beer then you'll be excited to hear about Fever-Tree's new flavor released just in time for the holidays. The beverage company has been around since 2003, when it wanted to make the best tonic mixer for a classic gin and tonic (per its website). The company took off after creating more premium mixers than it intended to create. According to its website, Fever-Tree's main focus is creating a mixer that pairs given flavors and spirits perfectly.

Fever-Tree also has ginger beer as one of their selective mixers. Ginger beer, although delicious on its own, is used in cocktails like different mule variations. The most popular is the Moscow Mule with vodka. There's also a Mexican Mule with tequila and, a southern twist on the drink, the Kentucky Mule with bourbon (via A Couple Cooks). These mules can, of course, be elevated with different fruit juices like cranberry in the winter time or blueberry in the summer. But now, Fever-Tree has released a whole new citrus ginger beer flavor that will kick your mules up a notch without the additional juice — and it's just in time for the holidays.

Blood orange ginger beer

Fever-Tree has released a new blood orange ginger beer flavor that goes well with any drink you're mixing (via PR Newswire). Although the new flavor was released with Maker's Mark in honor of the holiday season, this mixer can pair well with any ginger beer cocktail, from Dark and Stormies to the well-loved Pimm's Cup. Now, it can be elevated even more with the brand's blood orange ginger beer. According to the announcement, the ginger beer was crafted to pair perfectly with notes of bourbon, "creating a delicious new take on the Kentucky Mule."

The new ginger beer flavor profile includes notes of Italian blood oranges and a blend of three gingers: Nigerian, Cochin, and fresh green ginger (via Fever-Tree). The pairing of bourbon and blood orange ginger beer is sure to create a well-crafted holiday season cocktail for all your Yuletide parties. Fever-Tree's new mixer is available at spirits and grocery retailers nationwide.