What Happened To Vinamor After Shark Tank?

An invention from Gary DeJohn, who started his career in hospitality and learned about the nuances of wine as a waiter at a Melting Pot restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado (via Shark Tank Blog), the Vinamor is an innovative wine aerator, one you will not find elsewhere. DeJohn said in an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit that the concept of the Vinamor was originally conceived as a device to measure pours of wine in restaurants, but the idea surrounding the invention eventually evolved.

The premise of the product is that it aerates wine instantly rather than the minutes or hours it can take with a traditional wine decanter. To accomplish this, a sphere with a filter above it sits on top of the wine glass, and wine is poured through the filter and over the sphere which allows for softened tannins and sediment to be caught by the filter. Through this process, the wine is "expos[ed] to the greatest amount of surface area," allowing for the wine to aerate quickly (via Vinamor's website).

Vinamor failed to secure a deal on Shark Tank

Gary DeJohn presented the Vinamor to the "Shark Tank" Sharks on Season 3 of the hit TV show, asking for $75,000 for 30% equity in the company.

As DeJohn stood before the Sharks, he claimed that the Vinamor had the potential to amplify and improve the taste of a bottle of wine, making a less expensive one taste like one consumers had spent a lot of money on. Unfortunately, most of the Sharks choose not to invest despite DeJohn changing his offer to 45% equity (via Gazette Review), with Robert Herjavec stating he didn't think his investment would help DeJohn and Mark Cuban telling DeJohn he's more of a "beer guy." While Kevin O'Leary, who enjoys wine himself, seems initially interested, he ended up being out, too (via Shark Tank Blog). Despite them not investing, DeJohn says on his AMA Reddit post that four of the Sharks, as well as producers of the show, ended up buying Vinamors from him after the show.

Business poured in for Vinamor post-Shark Tank

Gary DeJohn may not have secured a deal with the Sharks, but he did say they offered him a lot of support. "They were very positive, and very nice. Even though they did not invest in my product they were very nice about it, and offered a lot of advice that did not make it onto the show," DeJohn said (via Reddit).

Also, business for Vinamor got pretty good after the show aired. DeJohn received a $50,000 loan, began mass manufacturing the product, and began selling Vinamors at vineyards and in liquor stores (via Shark Tank Blog), as well as with Wine Enthusiast. Today, Vinamors are still sold on the company website for $24.95, but the business' Facebook account has not been updated since March 2021.

DeJohn not only succeeded in his business but also in giving back to the community, too. Shark Tank Blog reports the company donated $8,000 to Saint Jude Children's Research Hospitals and per his Reddit AMA, DeJohn and Vinamor also donated money to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.