What Happened To Vinamor After Shark Tank?

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The Vinamor is an innovative wine aerator created by Gary DeJohn that appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2012. DeJohn started his career in hospitality and learned about the nuances of wine while working as a waiter at a Melting Pot restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado. DeJohn said in an "Ask Me Anything" post on Reddit that the concept for the Vinamor began as a device to measure wine pours in restaurants, but the purpose of the invention eventually evolved to aeration.

The product's main selling point is that it aerates wine instantly rather than the minutes or hours it can take to do so using a traditional wine decanter. To accomplish this goal, the device's glass sphere is fitted with a filter and placed on top of a wine glass. Wine is then poured through the filter and over the sphere, allowing the filter to catch softened tannins and sediment. Per Vinamor's website, the wine is "expos[ed] to the greatest amount of surface area" during this process, enabling it to aerate quickly.

Vinamor failed to secure a deal on Shark Tank

When Gary DeJohn presented the Sharks with the Vinamor on Season 3, Episode 9 of the hit T.V. show, he asked for $75,000 in exchange for 30% equity in the company. As DeJohn stood before the Sharks, he claimed that the Vinamor had the potential to amplify and improve the taste of a bottle of wine, making an affordable vintage taste much more expensive.

Unfortunately, most of the Sharks chose not to invest, despite DeJohn eventually upping his offer to 45% equity. Robert Herjavec stated that he didn't think his investment would help DeJohn, while Mark Cuban told the hopeful entrepreneur that he's more of a "beer guy" than a wine lover. While Kevin O'Leary initially seemed interested, he ultimately opted out of a deal with DeJohn, too. Despite leaving the Tank without an investment from the Sharks, DeJohn explained in his Reddit AMA that four of the Sharks, as well as producers of the show, ended up buying Vinamors from him after the taping.

Business poured in for Vinamor post-Shark Tank

Gary DeJohn may not have secured a deal with any of the Sharks, but according to him, they offered him a lot of support. "They were very positive, and very nice. Even though they did not invest in my product, they were very nice about it and offered a lot of advice that did not make it onto the show," DeJohn said in a Reddit comment. Beyond the Sharks' kindness, business for Vinamor seemingly improved after the show aired. Shortly after appearing on "Shark Tank," DeJohn gave an interview to Just Elementary, Inc. According to him, while he didn't get any deals from "Shark Tank," he was happy to see a "major spike in sales." He added that after the show, "margins are much better. I got in contact with a bunch of manufacturers, and decided to go with the one that I had already been talking to before I even knew I was going to be on the show."

Today, Vinamors are still sold on the company's website for $24.95 each. Yet, they're no longer available on Amazon. Regardless of Vinamor's success, though, DeJohn has been able to give back to the community. Per his Reddit AMA, he and his company also donated money to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

What's next for Vinamor?

While Vinamor is still up and running, and you can still order its product, it doesn't seem to be experiencing growth in any fresh direction. The business' Facebook account hasn't been updated since March 2021, and it has yet to expand to more up-to-date social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Furthermore, despite having an "all products" section on its website, the classic Vinamor remains the company's sole item for sale. This may suggest that the minds behind the company intend to sell a wider variety of products but have yet to do so.

As for DeJohn, he is still listed as the CEO of Vinamor on his LinkedIn account. In his interview with Just Elementary, Inc., he said, "I have 100% equity! Not making a deal may have been a blessing." So, even if Vinamor doesn't expand any further, it seems as though DeJohn is still entirely in charge of his brainchild.