Twitter Is Coming To The Cheesecake Factory's Defense

The Cheesecake Factory takes a lot of heat– and it probably deserves most of it. For example, it formerly used fuzzy math in order to lure people into leaving huge tips (per Buzzfeed.News). The restaurant is also known for packing calories into its food, judging from its own Nutritional Guide. Plus, TCF employs Penny, who Screen Rant points out should have been fired many times.

The company has also had many scandals, including lying to investors during the pandemic. According to the Denver Post, some locations were forced to shut down, but projections of this type have been around since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 when Nation's Restaurant News said reported many restaurants closing their doors for good. Even then, The Cheesecake Factory was actually doing fine for the most part and still seems to be. Yet, there are still those who spend their time blasting the factory.

A few Twitter users, however, can endure no more slander against their beloved cheesecake outlet and turned the narrative into one of love for the restaurant.

Is the internet lying?

Twitter erupted when one person tweeted: "Before social media, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory, we're all considered solid places to eat. Somehow now everyone hates those places. Y'all be acting for the internet." The user seemed intent on calling out those who were hiding their love for The Cheesecake Factory under a bushel. What happened next was a load of respect from patrons of the eatery.

"Y'all will never bully me into disliking Cheesecake Factory," responded one person who wouldn't bow to the whims of the online world. "I will never be too good for Cheesecake Factory," said another tweet in support of rich foods and casual dining. "That place is packed every night with a 90 minute wait. Some of y'all are lying," concluded a tweeter who surely seemed to have evidence on their side.

Though most of the responses were positive, there were more than a few people who refused to renege on their claims that The Cheesecake Factory is undeserving of love. "Cheesecake factory is actually terrible," said one detractor on the thread. Yet another individual offered that it had once been great, but fallen from grace when they said, "Cheesecake Factory hasn't been good since the 1990's."

The summation here is powerful. Some people like The Cheesecake Factory. Some people do not, and some people lie on the internet.