Jadakiss Just Launched A Coffee Business With His Family

Jadakiss just dropped a new creation, and it isn't a new album. The artist behind "Grind Hard" actually launched a coffee business named Kiss Café. The new business has already grabbed plenty of attention online, with its Instagram account attracting more than 13,000 followers as of this writing.

The renowned rapper teamed up with his father and son to create whole-bean and ground coffee varieties that aim to fuel people who wake up "chasing [their] dreams" (via Kiss Café). But aside from providing drinkable caffeine, Kiss Café Coffee is built on a pillar of tradition. According to a recent Instagram post, Jadakiss' father, Bob Phillips, spearheaded this new entrepreneurial endeavor. Phillips spent 40 years in the coffee industry, learning how to source, blend, roast, and distribute coffee along the way.

In an interview with LEVEL Man, the rapper's son Jae'won explained that Phillips "works with distribution that all the big companies that you would see in your local grocery, supermarket, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Horton's, McDonald's." Jadakiss described his dad grinding coffee for visitors in his office. So this new project is especially personal to the Yonkers-born rapper's family, whose company website displays the tagline, "For the love of coffee."

A kiss of coffee

That there lies a secret meaning within the release of Jadakiss' new product line. Not only does his coffee business share a part of his name, but its first release is called "Beijo," which translates to "kiss" in Portuguese (via a press release). While devoted fans and Portuguese speakers may get this reference, the product is intended to speak a language any coffee fan can understand. Beijo is a medium roast blend that the creators hope will appeal to a variety of different coffee drinkers, whether seasoned or new to the coffee community, which fits with the company's java-loving tagline (via Instagram).

Ultimately, the dream Jadakiss is chasing seems to be creating an accessible coffee "with quality and legacy in mind" (via Kiss Café). In an Instagram post, he stated, "I'm just the face. I'm the person that's going to get you to notice it and try it. But the coffee itself is going to get you to love it." Beijo products are now available for sale on Kiss Café's website, with the company's hope to expand into brick-and-mortar retailers soon.