Try These Yai's Thai Simmer Sauces To Level-Up Your Instant Pot Recipes

Once you learn the secrets of cooking with an Instant Pot, it's hard to go back. Leading busy working lives all the while trying to keep up with the daily responsibilities of family and friends can be a lot. Tack on the time-consuming task of making dinner and it can be quite overwhelming. Once the Instant Pot came to the market in 2010 though, everything about cooking dinner changed (via CNBC). The set-it-and-forget-it kitchen appliance took the world by storm, allowing busy individuals wanting to eat dinner at home an easy method of doing so. The ability to sear, slow-cook, and pressure-cook with just a few buttons without having to babysit it revolutionized millions of people's cooking routines.

Now, with nearly 33% of American households owning an Instant Pot, the need for creative new recipes and sauces are always hitting the market (via Thrillist). If you're one to always scope out new flavors to infuse with your simmering dinner while at work, Yai's Thai's new simmer sauces are here to help you do just that.

Four new simmer sauces to spice up your dinners

Sure, using your Instant Pot during the work week is one thing, but what if you could spice up your usual recipes with some new sauces? Thanks to Yai's Thai, there are four new options to jazz up your Instant Pot meals. Yai's Thai's new Thai American sauce lineup is everything you could want when it comes to a diverse set of new sauce flavors. 

Thai almond "no peanut" sauce blends almonds, ginger, and fresh red curry paste with sweet tamarind and coconut milk flavors without any added peanuts or sugar (via Yai's Thai). Next on the lineup is massaman curry, which conjures a sweet blend of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon sticks with sour tamarind and coconut sugar (per Yai's Thai). A new and improved pad Thai sauce is now available for instant "homemade" flavors to your favorite noodles or vegetables, according to their website. Last but not least on Yai's Thai new sauce lineup is panang curry, combining everything mild, sweet, and creamy with a subtle nutty taste from cashews.

All four of the new sauces are $8 each and all products are gluten-free, as per their website. Time to set out and simmer some new sauces in your Instant Pot.