Ree Drummond Shared A Sweet Tribute To Leslie Jordan

It seems that Leslie Jordan had no shortage of fans, and now, after his death, it has become more apparent that they reside on both sides of the TV screen (via Los Angeles Times).

As one of the industry's earlier entrants, Jordan's acting career took off with comedy's finest in the 1988 Richard Pryor film "Moving," per IMDb. His roles in "American Horror Story," "Call Me Kat,” and as Beverly Leslie of "Will and Grace," are landmarks in his 40-year journey on the gauntlet. NPR reports that he brought joy to many people with uplifting videos during the pandemic.

Being a jester at heart, Jordan showed no fear of making fun of himself. Aside from the career that made him famous, his joyful nature is what he is remembered for. "My heart is broken," tweeted Sean Hayes, Jordan's Will and Grace co-star. "Leslie Jordan was one of the funniest people I ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone who ever met him, loved him." The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond also shared a sweet message.

See Drummond's loving tribute

Leslie Jordan's impact, or perhaps people's appreciation of him, transcended culture, profession, and age. In response to the news, Cardi B tweeted crying face emojis and wrote, "I love him," and even Ludacris posted an Instagram video of Jordan attempting a "country western" remix of the rapper's song. As one fan responded, "When [Ludacris] comes to pay his respects, you know it for someone that meant a lot to a lot of people."

Talk show host Andy Cohen committed three slides of his Instagram story to the memory of the comic, per People. "Who wants to live in a world without Leslie Jordan?" he asked rhetorically.

Food Network star Ree Drummond remembered Jordan with her Instagram account. Her heartfelt words read, "I would say the world is a dimmer place without you, but you wouldn't like that! Your light and goodness and humor will definitely live on and on," responding to a post in memoriam of the comedian. Perhaps representing how many fans felt, she even reposted the Instagram picture of the actor to her story with the words, "What a beautiful soul."