Stanley Tucci Wants You To Make A 'Martini Night' This Holiday

Stanley Tucci's is a name known throughout the food world for many reasons. He is an actor, director, storyteller, foodie, and world traveler all rolled into one. Although he is many things to many people, he still manages to be more than just the sum of his parts. The program he hosts, "Searching for Italy," is a winning combination of travel documentary and food extravaganza throughout the Italian peninsula. 

Tucci has deep roots in Italy and great affection for the place (via New Yorker), but as an American and director, his critical distance provides a perspective that distills the essence of each region he visits. Tucci's 2021 memoir, "Taste: My Life Through Food," is a singular combination of food and personal story, with the two elements so completely intertwined it could only have happened naturally. That memoir has earned him a plethora of fans, including some surprising ones. Notably, Tucci's book even served as an inspiration for "Stranger Things" star Joe Keery, who reportedly idolizes Tucci.

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tucci's skills in the beverage department also garnered a lot of attention. According to Mashable, he has quite the bartending skills and makes a great Negroni. In a new commercial for Tanqueray, Tucci proves just how multi-faceted he truly is in the alcohol department.

The Negroni master moves to martinis

While Tucci's Negroni-making skills have received the most attention from fans (per Mashable), it's not the only drink the celebrated actor enjoys in his spare time. Tucci is good with gin in general, and he knows how to mix a mean martini as well. As a result, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Tucci has teamed up with Tanqueray gin as part of a holiday ad campaign this season. 

Tucci and Tanqueray's "Ten" brand are joining forces to promote some holiday spirits, particularly those served shaken, not stirred. The Scottish gin producer is hoping that a combination of Tucci's skills and their liquor can convince partygoers and hosts to mix up a few festive martinis as part of their libations spread. According to Multivu, "Ten" gin boasts a flavor profile of "fresh citrus, chamomile, and botanicals," which are mixed into a classic martini and garnished with a grapefruit peel for an ever-so-slight twist on the classic. 

Tanqueray's new ad features a dapper Tucci coming up to a bar and casually placing an order. "Tanqueray Number Ten martini," he says, and the crowd at the bar goes suddenly silent. While the bartender mixes away, Tucci confidently explains: "When said aloud, it's the only order that becomes everyone's order." And he gives a knowing smile to the camera. That's what he said, and it's already on everyone else's minds.