Bacardi Is Removing Plastic Pourers To Improve Sustainability

Bacardi, a leading rum manufacturer, is making an active effort to decrease its environmental footprint through its packaging. According to a statement released on October 25 via Business Wire, Bacardi plans to remove the plastic pourers in its bottles, located in between the cap and the liquid. Although these tools are surely helpful for some customers, Bacardi is shifting its priorities with a bigger focus on the environment. Reportedly, the company is also investigating whether it can replace the plastic pourers with sustainable alternatives.

Dedicated fans of the brand will likely recognize that this is not the first environmentally-driven adjustment in the history of the company. The Bermuda-based distillery has been a part of environmental efforts in the past, such as aiming to up its sourcing of certified, sustainable sugarcane (a primary ingredient in rum) back in 2014, according to Food Dive. Furthermore, it switched to propane from gas to power its main factory in Puerto Rico earlier this year (via Business Wire).

In 2020, the brand announced a move toward biodegradable bottles, amidst a number of other changes to the business that will make it more environmentally friendly. In fact, Rodolfo Nervi, Bacardi's vice president of global safety, quality, and sustainability, has previously stated that the goal is to make the company "100% plastic free."

Bacardi will make a big environmental impact in 2023

According to the company's statement, all 1.75-liter bottles of Bacardi rum sold in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico will be without the plastic pourer by early 2023. Additionally, the same will be true of those sold in Spain and Portugal after only six months. The company's latest decision to remove plastic pourers is not only a step toward the company's stated mission, but it will also make a sizeable environmental impact. 

Without the extra pourers, Bacardi's use of plastic will be reduced by 140 tons a year, according to Packaging Gateway. Thus, the corporation's decision to get rid of these toppers is both financially and environmentally beneficial. Furthermore, these little plastic disks, along with other caps and bottles, can cause marine life and livestock to get sick or even die if ingested (via Container Recycling Institute). Bacardi's move away from plastic items will therefore have a positive effect on wildlife.

As mentioned before, Bacardi's emphasis on sustainability didn't come out of the blue. In fact, it began its campaign, "Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future," back in 2018. The main motivations of the campaign cover everything from Responsible Sourcing and Environment to Philanthropy and Community Investment (via Bacardi). Looking forward, the brand plans to introduce a 100% biodegradable bottle in 2023, according to Environmental Leader. Its famous rum will also be sold in this new product, which will replace 3,000 tons of plastic, hopefully setting the precedent for other beverage companies.