Why Coffee And Cheese Actually Pair Well Together

Are you considered the sober friend of the group? We understand. Sometimes you are in the mood for a cup of wine, a beer, or a tropical cocktail; but many times, there are some of us who are good with skipping alcohol. But, more often than not, others may question someone who is ordering "just water" at a small gathering or dinner, especially considering how popular wine and snack pairings can be nowadays.

We've got some news for you: Stop worrying! You can totally be a charcuterie board enthusiast without drinking. As cheese experts told Food and Wine, this fatty and delicious bite can be paired with a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, as long as it matches or contrasts the flavor. The list includes tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, and even your daily brew. That's right, your next cheese board can be served with your favorite drip coffee. Scientifically, coffee and cheese is a match made in heaven.

Coffee's bitterness contrasts creamy and fatty cheeses

Fresh Cup explains that pairing food and drink consists of finding harmony, either by complementing flavors or contrasting them. Based on this premise, the acidic, bitter, rich, and sometimes sweet flavor of coffee combines beautifully with cheese, which is often greasy, bold, and creamy. This sensation is possible because coffee contains a bitter compound called tannins, which cuts the fat found in cheeses, as cheesemaking teacher Kirstin Jackson tells Food and Wine. Tannins can be found around nature, like in wood and leaves, but also in walnuts, grapes, and cacao (via Winemag). So yes, tannins are found in wine and coffee.

Coffeeness suggests combining fruity coffees with creamy and fatty cheeses, like a smooth French brie or a burrata, and darker roast coffees with more assertive cheeses, like blue cheese or a classic cheddar. Pairing also consists of matching flavors, and cheese and coffee hold strong tastes on the palate and can co-star well. So next time you're having friends over for snacks or noshing on a cheese board during dinner, you may want to consider a cup of joe on the side. Cheers!