Why Reddit Is In Shambles Over Aldi's Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to shopping at Aldi, oftentimes you'll score some really amazing food at a discounted price. In fact, as prices continue to rise across all industries of consumerism due to inflation, Aldi has proved itself as a sure-in solution to saving money on groceries. According to Grocery Dive, Aldi has actually seen an 11% increase in foot traffic due to consumers pinching pennies when it comes to groceries.

Still, though, it seems like you can't get everything you need at Aldi. That is at least to say, everything you need that is of decent quality. We did look at the best and worst foods to buy at Aldi, but sometimes taking chances can serve you well. You would think a basic package of general produce would be fairly safe to spend a couple of bucks on until you get home and see the quality of it.

Thanks to Reddit, nothing gets hidden or pushed under the rug when it comes to Aldi's wins and losses.

These sweet potatoes were extremely spoiled

Sure, saving money on those super-cheap vegetables that come in bags at Aldi might seem like a good idea. That is, until you open up the bag and find some very sad and disgusting-looking pieces of produce. 

According to Reddit, a loyal Aldi customer found a completely black-and-molded-over sweet potato in his bag of sweet potatoes purchased at the grocery chain. "I think it's time I stopped buying sweet potatoes from Aldi...," they wrote. Of course, Reddit is completely beside itself seeing the horrific image of the rotten sweet potato. 

"There's definitely some unfortunate souls in that thing," u/Jayloid commented. Others continued this trend by pointing out that it looked like something from a horror movie. "Good lord, this potato is haunted," another person said. As u/Forward_Pineapple_74 pointed out, cursed might be a better word to describe the sweet potato, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Either way, we understand the concerns of Aldi customers everywhere when it comes to something like this.

While the grocery chain usually trumps other competing supermarkets for high-quality products at a discounted price, some customers are evidently feeling the pain of the lack of quality in the produce section. "I am done buying produce at Aldi until they can turn around their supply. I've never had onions, potatoes, or spinach go bad so quickly," u/peasant_account_3000 also commented. "Their bananas never look ripe. Avocados go from not ready to rotten in about six minutes. I'm not wasting my money on their rotting produce anymore."

Although we certainly hope this is not representative of the entire store chain, we'll probably pass on the sweet potatoes for a while after the looks of that.