The Bizarre Reason Britney Spears Was Banned From Chateau Marmont

Hopefully, you've never been banned from a restaurant or hotel. Although it's not especially common, it can happen should you act in a way that isn't deemed appropriate. In fact, according to Upon Arriving, there are several reasons someone can be kicked out of a hotel or restaurant. These include noise complaints, excessive partying, violent behavior, drug use, smoking, property damage, and making staff uncomfortable. Of course, the last mentioned reason is somewhat subjective, as everyone has their own level of what is considered appropriate and inappropriate for public behavior and conversation.

However, it doesn't matter who you are — if you decide to behave like a hooligan, you'll most likely get kicked out of a public establishment. You could have all the money in the world and still get the boot. In fact, more than a few celebrities have been kicked out of restaurants, and some athletes were even been banned from certain restaurants. Even living in Los Angeles — the "City Of Angels" and Hollywood stars — doesn't exempt from needing to remain cordial in public spaces. Violate the rules, and you'll probably be escorted off the premises.

Over the decades, one of LA's most famous hotels, the Chateau Marmont, has developed quite a repertoire of personalities who have walked through its doors and caused a scene (via The Sun). One of the most unfortunate incidents in this vein occurred in 2007 and centered on international pop star Britney Spears.

Booted for bad behavior

Playing dress up with your food was cute maybe when you were like two years old. But as a full-grown woman? People don't generally like to see that, especially in Hollywood. 

According to the UK Sun (via Today), iconic global pop star Britney Spears was asked to leave the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel on Sunset in 2007. Apparently, this occurred around the same time that Spears famously shaved her head, a move that shocked her fans around the world (via Reuters). As it turns out, Spears' erratic behavior also frustrated the staff at the Chateau Marmont. The behavior in question? Smearing her face with a plate full of food. 

Although Spears may have been one of the hotel's most famous guests, she was not its only guest, and many of the hotel restaurant's other patrons reportedly found it difficult to enjoy their own food because of her public display. As a result, staff at the Chateau Marmont requested that Spears leave the hotel. Notably, one of the other concerned guests at the hotel that night included fashion designer, singer, and television star Victoria Beckham. According to Shawn Levy's 2019 book "The Castle on Sunset", Spears was not welcomed back on the grounds of the hotel until her 28th birthday in 2009. 

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