TikTok Is Gushing Over These Vegan Whole Foods Donuts

The Whole Foods pastry selection should not be neglected, as noted by this video that recently went viral on TikTok. Although the health foods store might not be big on the classics, those with a sweet tooth can still indulge in mini French beignets and miniature cheesecakes, among other delicious snacks.

But one particular baked good got extra attention this September, and that is none other than its vegan donuts. Whole Foods is well-renowned for its expansive plant-based selection, and that doesn't stop at hot dinners and frozen foods. These vegan donuts come in a vast variety, including vanilla, chocolate, or sprinkled — which the creator, @alyssa.loop, showed in the video.

According to the supermarket's website, the plain donut contains soy and wheat ingredients, but is completely dairy-free. News of such a product on the market is exciting for plant-based dessert lovers and donut fans alike, as detailed by the comment section of @alyssa.loop's video.

People love the donut's cake texture

The TikTok user starts off the video by saying, "This is your sign to get these sprinkle donuts from Whole Foods." She then shows the camera the box of donuts, noting that they are vegan and have a cake-like consistency. Fans began gushing over the dessert in the comments, along with mentioning other flavors that they love.

"The vegan blueberry and vegan apple cider ones are soooooo good!!!" wrote @yungcheeekz. Another user, @mamagloww, wrote, "Whole Foods makes the best vegan donuts."

However, there were also a handful of people in the comments who have not yet tried the pastry, but are eager to get their hands on them. "omg praying my whole foods has these tomorrowww," commented @98gabs98.

And while it appears that many locations of the popular chain have the donuts in stock, anistavrou on the abillion app advised interested buyers to "just ask" if they don't appear to be on the shelf, as they may be kept in the back of the store.