You Can Get Paid To Visit Breweries Across The Country In An RV

There are many jobs in this world that people might consider a 'dream job'. Usually, it involves doing something you absolutely love, and getting paid to do it. For many, the idea of working and traveling — or even better — getting paid to travel — fits the criteria of the perfect job. You can decide to become a pilot or a traveling salesperson, which would both earn you a living while providing ample sightseeing. 

However, if you've decided the whole family should be in on this nomadic lifestyle, you can find a way. People have certainly done it. They've sold their homes, quit their jobs, and eliminated many monthly bills in favor of living on the road. This lifestyle may sound exciting, but the realities of adjusting to it can be a bit harsh. Some would have to home-school, while others would have to seriously downsize.

If you're neither a pilot, nor a nomad, but you really enjoy beer and are looking for a change, you may be in luck with this job opening with Harvest Hosts.

You don't need to own an RV for this job

If you have seriously considered life on the road, have a driver's license along with the skills to drive an RV, and you are over 21, then this job could be for you. One must-have for this position is a love of beer, breweries, and distilleries. In order to apply for the position of "AleBlazer" with Harvest Hosts, you'll need to provide proof that you really do enjoy these things. You can submit photos or videos, of yourself at an establishment to prove you're passion for beer and breweries.

If you get this job, you'll be compensated with a daily stipend, a lifetime Harvest Hosts membership, and free beverages at local breweries and distilleries. However, the important question is, "what kind of work will I do for this dream job?" Well, you're expected to map out "North America's Ultimate Ale Trail" by visiting over 500 breweries. The company does not expect you to drink and drive so, you'll spend one night in each location (yes in the RV) meaning you'll be on the road for some time. 

Once the job of 'Aleblazer' comes to an end, you won't have to rush back to normal life. Harvest Hosts says you can "continue on with Harvest Hosts to design road trips for all types of interests and experience levels, from an alpaca farm trail to a winery route to a golf course journey." This definitely sounds like it's someone's dream job.