Extra Gum Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best

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If you ever asked someone what their favorite candy was, and they responded with gum instead of something like a Kit Kat or Snickers, then you'd probably give them a strange look. Gum is a pretty fantastic candy, however, as a single piece of the right brand can last you a long while. It's a great treat to have if you want to freshen up your breath or chew on something as you get yourself through a long day. Gum is great at giving you something flavorful to munch on as you go. There are a lot of different gum brands and flavors out there as well.

One of the gum brands that you may be familiar with as you've browsed the little snack and candy stands at the grocery store checkouts is Extra. Named after the extra-long flavor that you get from each piece of gum, Extra offers a wide selection of different flavors, some fresh, some fruity, and all sweet. While all of the flavors provide you with solid chewing gum, some of these gums are definitely better than others. Here are the Extra gum flavors ranked from worst to best.

12. Rockin' Raspberry Lime

The first flavor on this list is Extra's Rockin' Raspberry Lime. It's a limited edition flavor (via Extra), but even if it wasn't around year-round, there's a good amount of people who likely wouldn't miss it. However, there are just as many people who wouldn't be sad if this was discontinued. Some brands are able to make fantastic fruit gums, but this raspberry and lime-flavored gum has left a pretty sour taste in the mouths of some of those who have tried out the candy.

The first criticism that people have is that this flavor doesn't really last that long (via Walmart) — but you'd at least hope that said flavor would taste good, right? Not everyone thinks so. Some people say that this flavor of gum doesn't even cut it for their kids' unrefined palates, describing the flavor as strange or overly acidic. There are a good number of reviews out there that agree with this sentiment, though there are those who like it, so there's always a chance you might enjoy this flavor, as well — while it's still around. For the most part, however, we wouldn't recommend this gum above the other Extra flavors.

11. Tropical Mist Refreshers

Along with its normal line of gum, Extra sells small plastic containers filled with its Refreshers gums, which are thicker, square-shaped versions of the brand's regular gum. The shape may be different, but they're packed with just as much flavor as their other gums. There are two unique flavor offerings among the refreshers, along with a spearmint that's similar to the regular Extra spearmint variety. First up among the Refreshers, we've got a Tropical Mist flavor, which takes the flavors of sweet, juicy tropical fruits and uses them to inspire a gum that has a crunchy crystal exterior and a fruity, chewy center.

Admittedly, this isn't the most popular flavor out there, even in terms of the Refreshers. It isn't the easiest to find, and even if you do get your hands on a pack of Tropical Mist, it isn't the most flavorful gum out there. Sure, what might be there is good — but if the flavor is only going to stick around for five minutes after being chewed for the first time, then can you really consider that to be a good gum? Multiple reviews back this sentiment up (via Amazon), so if you're planning on grabbing an Extra Refresher the next time you're out, you might want to go for one of the other flavors of gum that lasts a bit longer.

10. Classic Bubble

Many people who enjoy chewing gum and like things a little more on the sweet side adore the classic flavor of a piece of bubblegum. Sweet, chewy, and bursting with flavor, bubblegum is a great thing to have at a baseball game, a hike, or wherever you think some chewing gum is needed. A gum brand isn't complete without a bubblegum flavor among its products, but if you're purchasing your bubblegum under the Extra name, you'll probably be met with mixed results.

Don't get us wrong, it's okay gum, but even if you really like bubblegum, you may or may not like this product. There is definitely a market for this gum, as numerous reviews claim that it's bursting with flavor that lasts for a while (per Walmart). However, there is also a decent number of people who don't like this bubblegum. They feel as though the flavor actually doesn't last for all too long and the mouthfeel is hard and rubbery. If you love all things bubblegum, then don't be too quick to turn away from this brand's take on the flavor, but just be wary that there will be a chance that Extra Classic Bubble won't live up to your sweet standards.

9. Cinnamon

Let's talk about cinnamon for a moment. It's a great spice to use for baking and it's also a great seasoning for meat-based dishes as well. When it comes to gum, however, you either love it or hate it. The flavor might not be as enticing to some, but others adore the taste of a good cinnamon gum. The Extra gum brand carries a cinnamon flavored gum amongst the rest of its products, and for what it is, it's good, but definitely not the best cinnamon gum out there.

Aside from the fact that cinnamon gum in general is a hit or miss among gum chewers, the general opinion of this flavor seems to be spread across the board. Some adore it, praising its "cinnamon-greatness," while others seem to think that the product could use a little more cinnamon (via Amazon). If you're super into the cinnamon side of chewing gums, a good amount of people seem to agree while it's not extremely cinnamony, this gum does taste pretty great (per Walmart). If we were more into cinnamon gum as a whole, we may have placed this higher.

8. Sweet Watermelon

When summer hits and you find yourself wanting something sweet, there's nothing quite like a fresh, flavorful watermelon. You don't have to wait for the summer to get a taste of the fantastic fruit, though. There are loads of watermelon-flavored drinks, treats, and of course, gums out there that you can have if you can't find any of the fresh fruit in stock at your local grocery store. Extra's Sweet Watermelon flavored gum attempts to take the sweet, juicy, and incredible taste of the fruit, and turn it into gum. Many actually deem this attempt successful.

There are a lot of people who adore the flavor that comes bursting out of each piece of this gum (per Amazon). However, people seem to be fairly mixed in regard to how long the flavor lasts. Some gum chewers think that it doesn't last for all that long (as per Influenster) while others feel that it actually does last for a long while and tastes amazing. If you like the flavor of watermelon candy, then you'll definitely like this gum, though we recommend going into it expecting the flavor won't last that long — so that even if it does last for a bit, you won't be disappointed if it doesn't.

7. Winterfresh

Many gums out there are mint flavored, since many people use the candy to keep their breaths fresh — and who doesn't love it when their breath feels minty clean? Gums flavored with mint allow you to keep bad breath at bay, so it's only natural that brands such as Extra carry a good number of mint-flavored gums to sell to their customers. Offering too many minty gums to choose from, however, makes it overwhelmingly difficult to pick one of them out, as they all might taste the same — so how do you pick a favorite? Extra has a lot of these mint flavors, the first among them on this list being its Winterfresh flavored chewing gum.

The Winterfresh gum isn't bad by any means. It's minty, crisp, and fresh-tasting, just as any good mint gum should be. However, it isn't as easy to find as the other Extra gum flavors (via Amazon), and with the other mint flavors a bit more readily available, why stress over trying to find this one when you next go shopping? It's also arguably not as good as the other mint flavors, so we wouldn't suggest going out of your way to try this out. Winterfresh isn't terrible by any means — it's pretty good. However, we'd definitely pick other Extra gum flavors than this one.

6. Berry Mix (Refreshers)

While the previous Extra Refresher flavor didn't do so well, and most of the others are just rehashes of preexisting flavors, the next item that we have on this list is much better than the previous entry, and something that you shouldn't skip out on if you like fruit-flavored gum. Extra's Berry Mix contains not one, not two, but three different flavors of berry gum: Strawberry Freeze, Blueberry Blast, and Raspberry Rush (via Extra). They are made just as any Extra Refresher gum is — with a crystal-y, sugary exterior, and an inside packed with a rich, wonderful flavor that you're bound to enjoy munching on.

Like the other Refreshers gums, the Berry Mix admittedly doesn't last for too long, and you'll need to chew more than one to truly get a long-lasting berry taste (via Amazon). However, it does seem like it lasts a bit longer than the Tropical Mist, and the flavor that is there is fruity, fresh, and fantastic. Admittedly, you may find yourself liking one or two of the gum flavors in the package and not really excited about the others, but that's all dependent on personal taste (per Amazon). This gum is definitely one of those hit-or-miss flavors, but we feel as though it will be well-received more often than not.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate and gum are not two words you would usually want to see in a sentence together. Chocolate has a rich, unique taste, while gums are usually either fruity or minty in terms of flavor. Mint chocolate-flavored foods are a thing, but you wouldn't expect to see that as a gum, right? Well, defying expectations, Extra does actually carry a Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip gum. That's right: A sugar-free, mint chocolate-flavored gum. This might not come off as one of the greatest ideas out there, but you will be shocked to learn that this gum actually tastes pretty darn good.

Admittedly, the flavor doesn't last a whole lot of time (via Influenster). It's also not easy to replicate the taste of chocolate within a gum well, so the mint aspect of this gum is more obvious. It does taste pretty sweet, and the minty flavor is well-balanced, but the most surprising part about this gum is that you can actually pick up the light hint of a chocolate flavor. The chocolate isn't overbearing and pairs wonderfully with the sweet mint part of the gum's taste. If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, then we could easily see you wanting to try out this gum — and suggest that you do.

4. Peppermint

Christmas is a wonderful time of year — the lights, getting together with family, and of course, the sweet treats that come around during the season are all exciting and enticing. One aspect of the holidays that people enjoy a lot are the peppermint candy canes. A strong, minty sweet taste is a fun thing to pair with chilly weather, though you don't have to wait for the holidays to have peppermint. Extra, among all of the mint-flavored gums that it makes, has a peppermint-flavored gum, that, while it doesn't seem very festive, will make your breath and taste buds feel as though they have something to celebrate.

Like most of the mint flavors that Extra has, the Peppermint flavor is amazing. The minty flavor is potent, but not too strong, so you're left with a nice, sweet, and refreshing taste. Reviews also note that the flavor is long-lasting, too (via Amazon), so that incredible flavor stays with you for quite a while. Even without the sugar, the sweetness of the peppermint really shines through, resulting in one outstanding gum. If you like the flavor of peppermint, then you'll definitely like this gum, and we suggest you get it the next time you're at a grocery store or gas station.

3. Smooth Mint

Up next is yet another mint flavor of gum, and like any mint-flavored food, it comes holding the promise of having a cool, fresh flavor that will make your mouth feel a little bit cleaner. Extra's Smooth Mint comes in a bright blue box with cool blue leaves as the graphic, which would lead you to expect an equally as cool, crisp flavor when chewing the candy. Fortunately, Extra hits the mark with its mint-centric varieties, and Smooth Mint is definitely a flavor you won't want to skip out on if you like things tasting a little more cool, fresh, and sweet.

People adore this flavor, citing a great taste that leaves a clean sensation in your mouth (per Influenster), so it gets the job done, and honestly, what more could you ask for in a gum? It's cool, it tastes great, and it's got a flavor that lasts for a good long while. It also might come off as having a stronger mint flavor than other varieties (via Influenster), but unless you prefer things a bit more mild in terms of mintyness, that isn't really a bad thing. If you have an important business meeting, test, or anything that calls for you to have a fresh breath, Smooth Mint won't fail you.

2. Spearmint

If you've walked into any grocery store, gas station, or really, anywhere that you can find gum, there's one Extra flavor that seems to pop up everywhere. When you think of the Extra brand, it's likely you envision a bright green pack of candy filled with a strong, minty, and clean-tasting gum. This is the Spearmint gum, which is arguably one of the brand's most popular products — there's a reason that it seems to be everywhere, after all. While it may shock you that this isn't at the top of our list, it should come as no surprise that Extra Spearmint is spectacular.

What is there to say about spearmint gum, other than it's essentially perfect? This gum seems like it will make people speechless with its incredible taste (via Amazon). It lasts for a long time, it's got a fantastic flavor, and it will make your breath feels as clean as a freshly washed set of dishes. You can buy it in Refresher form, you can buy it in bulk, or you can just buy singular packages of it if you don't really need all that much gum — but with Extra Spearmint, you may want more than you think.

1. Polar Ice

At the top of this chewing gum list, we have a gum that if you're a fan of Extra's products, you've likely had more than once in your life. This is none other than Extra's Polar Ice flavor. If we hyped up the Spearmint flavor this brand carries quite a bit, then that should tell you just how outstanding Polar Ice really is. Yes, it's another mint-based gum, but it's the best that Extra has, so if you're feeling in the mood to chew on something, or are in need of a fresh taste in your mouth, then no other flavor is as equipped to do that as Polar Ice

For many, Polar Ice is the pinnacle of mint-flavored perfection. It's a favorite for people who adore the long-lasting flavor — and even think it might last the longest out of all of the Extra gums (per Amazon). It's a great treat to have to keep your breath fresh in a fun, flavorful manner. It's also quite popular, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it in stores. Out of all of the Extra flavors — and there are several pretty amazing ones — Polar Ice stands on top, and in our opinion, is definitely one of the best Extra gums you can get.