TikTok Is Enthralled By A Deep Fried Milk Recipe

No one likes throwing away expired food, but one in six pints of milk produced in the world goes to waste, The Guardian reported. Saving your spoiled milk gives you options for getting the most out of your purchase, according to Dairy Discovery Zone. The site encourages folks with a fridge full of a surplus of milk to freeze what's about to expire in ice cube molds. It's safe to drink when it's defrosted, although the taste and texture may be slightly different. Milk that's just past its prime is also fine for cooking. This is the best option if you need to get rid of your product quickly. The same goes for baking.

Another alternative for getting the most bang for your buck requires you to wait until the milk is fully sour. In cottage cheese, sour milk is the main ingredient. Go ahead and cook the chunky milk in a double boiler, separate the parts, and strain the rest. Or, similarly, make your own yogurt.

If you think you've exhausted all of your options for making the most of your milk, you have to give this Cantonese dish a go, per TikTok.

Save money with a Cantonese classic

Before you throw out that expired milk, take a cue from TikTok creator @cookingbomb and deep fry it in panko breadcrumbs. This creator wrote that fried milk is popular in Cantonese cooking. In the video, she began by combining spoiled milk with sugar and cornstarch, she cooked the mixture until it bubbled and thickened. Then, she poured it in a pan and popped it in the fridge until it firmed up into a jiggly, tofu-like texture. Finally, she breaded slices of the chilled milk and deep fried them. "So creamy," she remarked at the end. "So crunchy."

People in the comment section were incredulous. "I thought this was a joke at first then i saw it looked great :D," wrote one viewer. "Wow, what an amazing way to use milk, ive never seen this! Thank you"

TikTok is actually brimming with content about fried milk right now. But the dish isn't new. The New York Times wrote about this dessert in 2008, explaining that it exists in different forms throughout many diverse cultures, including Italian cuisine. This variation made the Mashed list of 30 Fried Foods You Need To Try Before You Die.