Why You Should Make Mac And Cheese In Your Air Fryer

If you're carrying the weight of your family's Thanksgiving meal on your shoulders, you may be able to rely on a popular appliance to make life easier. When the oven is filled with casseroles and the stovetop has simmering pots galore, Food Network recommends plugging in your air fryer for a shortcut to holiday deliciousness.

According to PureWow, using an air fryer instead of your oven for holiday staples can bring textural variability to the buffet table, which is usually chock full of mushy — yet flavorful — favorites. With an air fryer, you can add crunch without putting in the time and effort of frying.

If you haven't deciphered everything you need to know about your air fryer, rest assured that you can concoct almost anything with the nifty tool. From appetizers to side dishes and desserts to everything else in between, there is very little that can't be accomplished with the air fryer. In fact, the appliance is versatile enough to take some of the stress out of the Thanksgiving prep. 

If you follow the guide put together by Recipe This, you can even create one-pot wonders in the handy fryer, ultimately saving you steps on your way to celebrating with family members. Notably, there's one less-than-obvious classic Thanksgiving dish that works especially well in the air fryer.

Air fryers make mac and cheese easy

Mac and cheese certainly has a place on the Thanksgiving table, but it's one of those dishes that many consider a labor of love. When made in its most traditional form, mac and cheese requires several steps to get to the finished product. But, with an air fryer, the process is streamlined in a much more efficient manner. In fact, you may have noticed that mac and cheese found itself a spot on our recent list of unique things you can always make in your air fryer.

The traditional method of making mac and cheese requires chefs at home to create a roux and add in the cream, cheese, and seasonings. Then, by the time you've boiled your pasta, combined everything, and popped it in the oven to create that beloved crispy top, you've sacrificed a considerable amount of prep time.

For air fryer mac and cheese, all you have to do is mix your ingredients together in an oven-safe dish, pop the dish in your air fryer, and wait 20 minutes. When everything has cooked completely, and the pasta is al-dente, give the mixture a stir, and top with breadcrumbs. After another five or so minutes, pull out the dish, and you're ready to serve your guests this decadent Thanksgiving side dish.