The Internet Is Divided Over Costco's New Beef Stew

Costco's pre-packaged deli section brings people a lot of joy ... and a lot of angst, if two separate Reddit threads are any indication. The chain has introduced the Kirkland Signature Choice Beef Stew With Vegetables, and people have serious feelings in all directions about the winter-appropriate comfort food. The heat-and-serve meal option retails for between $33 and $35, according to Costco Food Database, and it feeds an estimated eight people.

The stew is made with pretty standard beef stew ingredients, including stew meat, carrots, yellow onions, seasoning, and potatoes. It is typically found alongside similar prepared meals in the deli section, such as meatloaf and beef bulgogi.

But this new prepared meal option is being more hotly debated than some political races. Case in point: one Reddit thread titled, "I tried Costco's new beef stew. It's expensive and not worth it!" But then, another Reddit popped up, called, "New deli item? Beef stew and it's delicious." What's a confused beef stew lover to believe?

The great Costco beef stew debate

Many people on the Reddit thread that was unimpressed by Costo's beef stew couldn't get over the price per pound. One Redditor noted that a $5.99 per pound price point "seems mediocre for a prepared, ready to eat stew, but this still requires 6-8 hours in a slow cooker." Another user concurred, noting that they didn't think it was "that bad of a deal" until they noticed that it still has to be cooked in a Crock-Pot. Multiple people also referred to it as a "salt bomb," and one Redditor said, "We found it so incredibly bland. Didn't finish my bowl."

The "pro stew" thread, however, was more forgiving. "I wouldn't say it's all that expensive. It's over 5 pounds worth of stew," commented one person. Yet another said, "Could I have made it for cheaper if I did it myself from scratch? Sure, but that's also true of any prepared food." Another person concurred, noting that a homemade stew would require getting ingredients, cutting up the meat, cleaning and chopping the veggies, then putting it all together. In their opinion, the elevated price is for "the convenience of NOT doing those things."

Although Costco Food Database can't solve the issues people have with the price point, the outlet did point out that next time, they "would add some additional water during the cooking process to dilute the gravy," which was too salty, in their opinion. Just add water? Easy enough.