Is Chick-Fil-A Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

Okay we'll admit it, there are times we crave Chick-fil-A the most on Sundays, when they are consistently closed nationwide and have been since opening (via Business Insider). It's like there's something in the air that makes you want that Original Chicken Sandwich on a Sunday, only to remember the local Chick-fil-A is closed. The fast-food restaurants' hours are consistently 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. However, the holiday season is quickly approaching and if you're like everyone else, you may be wondering about the chain's holiday hours — just in case you're hit with a craving for a 12-piece nugget meal with a chocolate milkshake, only to find out it's closed.

Of course, the first holiday coming up is Thanksgiving Day. Although it's a holiday that revolves around a filling dinner with all the side dishes, we won't judge you if you're hit with the need for some chicken after running last-minute errands. Now the question is, will the chain even be open?

The answer may not shock you ...

To answer your question quickly and effectively: No. Chick-fil-A is closed for Thanksgiving Day to give employees extra time to spend with family and friends, according to the chain's website. This isn't the first year the chain has closed for Thanksgiving. Last year, Chick-fil-A closed, saying they wanted to take time "this day to reflect on what we're grateful for — our family, friends, Team Members and guests — and to enjoy our second favorite bird" (via Chick-fil-A).

However, if you're still feeling like Chick-fil-A will take your Thanksgiving to the next level, feel free to order those nugget trays ahead of time and reheat them on Thanksgiving for a little appetizer, or buy those gallon iced teas and store it in your fridge. You can also try making copycat spicy chicken sandwiches for lunch or maybe a copycat mac and cheese as a side dish for your Thanksgiving potluck. Even though you can't physically go to Chick-fil-A on Thanksgiving, you may still be able to get a taste of it on Turkey Day.