Chipotle's Boorito 2022 Was A Massive Waste, According To Reddit

After the past few years, you might have assumed Halloween would have been one huge party this year. However, people reported fewer trick-or-treaters than ever before. While that was understandable during the pandemic, many are wondering why it's still the case.

Driving through your neighborhood, you probably noticed yards decorated, and you may have bought candy in anticipation of children turning up at your door. But for many, that didn't happen. While there have been scares around tainted candy in the past, this year, news reports around the country suggested that parents check their kids' candy for illicit drugs. Reporter Donielle Flynn, with Detroit radio WCSX, suggested that community Trunk or Treat events have gained popularity as an alternative to unknown candy and roaming the streets at dusk.

However, it wasn't just neighborhoods that felt an underwhelming sense of excitement and usual bustle on Halloween. Businesses felt it too. One Chipotle's worker took to Reddit to ask if it was just their location that saw a lull in the usual crowd.

A disappointing deal

Boorito, for those unfamiliar with the Chipotle promotion, is an opportunity for costumed guests to received a $6 entree on October 31. One reddit user said that they have been a Chipotle employee for eight years and at every Boorito during that time (per Reddit). But they were less than impressed with 2022's turnout: "It's always my favorite because I love when its busy like that and the costumes are fun. However, last night was such a disappointment!" The worker said that while the event is usually one of busiest, this year, revenue at their location was down by $6,000. The employee lamented about the amount of tortilla chips that had to be thrown away because they'd produced much more than needed.

This wasn't the only Chipotle store to suffer a loss in comparison to previous years. Other workers on the Reddit post agreed. "Yeah last night sucked. We projected 12k and only hit 7k," said one worker. Another recalled, "exactly i was kind of sad that we all busted our asses prepping ahead for the 'busiest night of the year' just for it to not be busy." Many Reddit comments suggested that the deal being offered was not enough to draw a crowd, as it had been in previous years.