Popeyes Allegedly Served A Woman Fried Rat Instead Of Chicken

The unfortunate reality of fast food is that sometimes gross things find their way into people's orders. Needles, acrylic nails, condoms –- you name it, and it's probably been found in someone's fast food order. Disturbing, right?

If those nasty additions weren't bad enough, perhaps one of the most wince-inducing things to wind up in people's fast food is dead rodents. Plus, you know if a mouse or rat ends up in the deep fryer with chicken tenders, there's bound to be more of them running around the restaurant, rendering the whole place ripe for health code violations. Even big chains like Burger King (via CBS News), McDonald's (via Fox News), and Chick-fil-A (via Seattle Times) have faced their own rodent claims.

While rat meat is technically edible, and even considered a delicacy in some regions, it's probably safe to say no one wants to bite into a rat when they're expecting to bite into a piece of fried chicken. At the very least, this was the case for a woman who claimed on TikTok (via the Daily Dot) that Popeyes had included a fried rat among her fried chicken.

TikToker finds fried 'rat' in her Popeyes order

On October 18, a woman shared on TikTok (via Daily Dot) that she had ordered chicken at Popeyes, only to allegedly receive a fried rat in her food. Within the video, she holds up a fried piece of something that does indeed resemble a rat's tail, and the rest of her meal is arguably rat-shaped. That's enough to ruin anyone's appetite. After more than two million views, the woman took the video down, but other TikTok users had already reposted it for their own followers. According to one user, the fried bit in question "looks like a center breast." As for the "tail," we're still a bit concerned.

Per Daily Dot, a representative for the restaurant chain said Popeyes Chicken is in fact chicken, and they were "confident that no rodent was featured" in the TikTok video. Regardless, for customers' peace of mind, the franchise that served the rat-like chicken is under investigation to ensure quality.