Pieology Wants You To 'Pick A Pair' With Its New Menu

The 11-year-old Pieology pizza chain just implemented a "Pick A Pair" menu to attract the pizza-loving community this season. This isn't to say that the pizza chain is invisible to Americans; on the contrary, Technomic named it the country's fastest-growing chain a mere four years after its opening in 2011 (via Business Insider). 

Still, Pieology certainly faces some stiff competition in the fast casual, build-your-own-pizza market. On Reddit, many pizza aficionados consider the chain to be pretty close in quality to competitors like Mod and Blaze, seeing all three as "fine" when they're "craving the flavor of toppings" — but less so when "craving an actual pizza with good dough and good crust." HuffPost, however, named Pieology "America's best fast casual pizza" for its "buttery, airy" crust and satisfying toppings, while Pizza Today's 2019 ranking of top pizza companies showed Pieology far behind competitors in terms of gross sales.

Clearly, customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to pizza chains, which is presumably why Pieology has kept busy announcing promotions on social media, from free pizzas on Fridays in September to recent deals for National Cheese Pizza Day and National Pizza Month. Its latest Pick A Pair menu is just another step in this vigorous marketing endeavor.

Pick A Pair means half a pizza with salad or Ooey Gooey Cheese Bread

Pieology's new Pick A Pair menu allows for any signature pizza (or custom pizza with up to three toppings) to be halved and paired with one of two options, a side salad for a boost of greens or a half-order of Ooey Gooey Cheese Bread for decadence, according to an announcement on Facebook. The chain will continue to charge extra for cauliflower or PieRise (thick) crust upgrades, per QSR Magazine. And though Pieology seems to have its gluten-free game tight (at least according to some reviews on Find Me Gluten Free), celiacs will have to sit this deal out, as the Pick A Pair promotion does not offer gluten-free options.

The promotion launched on November 8 and will go on for an unspecified limited time. If it proves popular among customers, it could potentially become a longer term deal in the vein of soup, salad, and sandwich combo deals at chains like Panera and Potbelly.