Bobby Flay's Acting Coach Says People Are 'Over The Moon' With His Work In Upcoming Holiday Movie

Bobby Flay has appeared in the homes of millions since 1994 on the Food Network, according to the network's website. Viewers are used to seeing him strut around a kitchen, showcasing his culinary prowess on shows like "Beat Bobby Flay," "Grillin' & Chillin'," and "Boy Meets Grill." His cookbooks are strategically positioned on the shelves of many home chefs, who reference titles like "Bobby Flay Fit," to improve and expand their own repertoires.

On camera, Flay seems like a confident, down-to-earth chef — approachable and benevolent. However, there are some controversial things everyone ignores about Bobby Flay. Some of the drama involves his departure from the Food Network over a $100 million contract in one of his biggest Food Network scandals, as reported by People.

Parrot Analytics found that people still love to watch Flay on TV. Market demand for "Beat Bobby Flay," for example, is more than double the demand for the average series in the U.S. Flay will soon appear in a new film called "One Delicious Christmas," stepping out of the kitchen and into the dramatic realm, per IMDb. People close to the chef are complimenting his performance in a video tweeted by the Food Network, but fans will have to wait until the Nov. 11 premiere to make their own judgments.

Bobby Flay impresses acting coach

On Nov. 11, a Christmas film starring Bobby Flay will hit screens nationwide, Today reported. Flay's role in "One Delicious Christmas" is hardly a dramatic stretch — the famous chef plays a renowned food critic. According to IMDb, this isn't his first acting gig. He's appeared in "Entourage," "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," and a number of other television productions, both obscure and well-known.

In a video tweeted by the Food Network, Flay's acting coach sang the praises of the celebrity chef, calling him "a great student of the art." He went on to say that working with Flay has been an enjoyable experience overall. He noted that everyone was "quite over the moon by what he's done in this film."

Flay's acting coach said he appreciated his work ethic and how far he has come, noting, "It's been quite an honor working with him."