Some Walmart Subways Are Serving Hot Dogs

As if the world isn't already a confusing enough place, certain Subway locations are now peddling a menu item that's a huge departure from the norm — hot dogs. To be fair, the erstwhile sandwich proprietor has made some pretty major menu changes recently. 2022 saw the chain launch the "Subway Series," which are 12 new sub sandwiches that make up the new-and-supposedly-improved core menu, per Restaurant Business. The new lineup includes a few "Italiano" options, as well as cheesesteaks, clubs, and chicken-based sandwiches, according to Subway. The chain also still has classic sandwiches that people have come to know and love over the years, but Subway is really putting its weight behind this new spate of options.

Although Subway stores inside Walmart locations certainly still exist, the chain has felt quite the pinch since the pandemic. One Subway operator told QSR that the shift to curbside order pickup for Walmart orders resulted in decreased traffic in the embattled sandwich shops. Progressive Grocer says that fast food giant McDonald's has endured a similar shift, and hundreds have pulled out of Walmarts as a result. But apparently someone at the remaining Walmart Subway locations has gotten a bit creative with the menu options, no doubt causing quite a stir among faithful customers.

The truth about hot dogs at Walmart Subway locations

It all started when a writer for The Takeout noticed an oddity in a photo online of a Subway sandwich assembly line. In the photo, smack next to the bacon, cheese, eggs, and chicken options, is a bin full of hot dogs. If you've ever been to a Subway, you'll likely recall that hot dogs are not typical menu items for the largely deli meat sandwich chain. One Redditor explained that the chain's U.S. restaurants "can serve hot dogs at non traditional locations as part of the optional snack program." The chain also sold a 2021 SubDog menu item in South Korea and recently released it for a limited time in Australia (via Instagram).

It appears that certain Subway locations in some Walmarts are now selling Nathan's Famous hot dogs. An employee told the Takeout that their spot sells a combo meal for only $3.99 that includes a hot dog, soft pretzel, and a drink. This is a good option for people who love Nathan's Famous dogs but don't live anywhere near one of the beloved brand's brick-and-mortar stores. If your local Walmart Subway hasn't gotten in on the wiener-rific action yet, Nathan's Famous products are sold in select grocery stores.