The 'Popsicle Farm' You Absolutely Need To Check Out

If ice cream isn't your thing but you still enjoy a cold fruity and sweet treat, popsicles might be more up your alley. Accidentally invented by 11-year-old Frank Epperson in 1905 by leaving a stirring stick in a soft drink overnight in freezing temperatures, popsicles have become one of America's most classic frozen treats (via Smithsonian Magazine).

Today, popsicles come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors but all have one thing in common: a delicious frozen consistency. With endless homemade popsicle recipes out there and stores stocking shelves equally as high as ice cream flavors, popsicles are seen to be a traditional treat just about anyone can get down with. There are even brands that solely cater to adults, offering various flavors and fun colors of alcoholic popsicles. Whether it's blazing hot outside and you're looking to cool off, or reminiscing about the flavors of summer during a mid-winter blizzard, popsicles have stood up against the test of time and show no signs of going out of style.

With that mutual understanding surrounding popsicles, there are some people that take the art of popsicles to a whole new level.

King of Pops' popsicle farm

Imagine how lucky you are. You're currently living in a time period that has the world's first-ever popsicle farm! Yes, this is actually a thing and we're fully here for it. Nestled in Winston, GA, brothers Nick and Steven Carse have one intention: creating the world's first popsicle farm from local, organic produce (via King Of Crops). The founders of King Of Pops work on a "crop to pop" ethos, infusing their fresh, frozen treats with quality, responsibly grown ingredients from the company's farm property. By using organic produce, King Of Crops popsicle farm is able to make and sell original, innovative flavors — including watermelon mojito, raspberry lime, Arnold Palmer, chocolate sea salt, and more.

If that weren't enough, the Carse brothers also bring guests to the farm for local berry picking during the summer, farm tours, and host travelers with on-site camping and a tiny house (via Eat This, Not That!). It doesn't get much sweeter than that! If you find yourself within the Atlanta region, it's easy to make a quick stop at this local popsicle farm. You'll enjoy a sweet treat while knowing you're eating locally-sourced ingredients.