TikTok Is Raving About Joe & The Juice's Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Joe & the Juice has established itself as a top-tier juice and coffee chain, now having over 300 stores internationally. Starting off in a clothing store in Copenhagen, the beverage bar has expanded its menu to serve up specialty lattes and juices, containing superfood ingredients, such as turmeric and spirulina. Since its founding in 2002, its mission has not only been to fuel its customers but to build a community of "life lovers, nutrition fanatics, coffee aficionados, hardworking idealists, and adventurers," according to the Joe & the Juice website.

Recently, this has been seen in the public's collective excitement over one of its products, so much so that one of its ingredients was completely sold out in its Los Angeles locations, according to a press release. However, it may be surprising that it was actually one of its sandwiches, rather than one of its signature drinks, that has recently taken the internet by storm.

People love the sandwich's bread and tuna combination

Joe & the Juice's Tunacado and Spicy Tuna Sandwich have been going absolutely viral right now, with internet stars such as Call Her Daddy Podcast's Alexandra Cooper and TikTok nutritionist, Emily English, raving about them online. The sandwiches are very similar to one another and actually contain pretty simple ingredients — tuna mousse, pesto, and tomato, in addition to avocado and salt and pepper on the Tunacado, and jalapeño and tabasco on the Spicy Tuna Sandwich. But arguably, the best part of the sandwich is the bread.

Joe's bread comes with a specific crispy texture, as noted by Emily English when she created her at-home version of the Spicy Tuna Sandwich. Social media creator @dzaslavsky, who has eaten the Tunacado on camera several times, noted in a response to a follower that the crunch of the sandwich is the "most important factor." Even Tasting Table gave the Spicy Tuna Sandwich a try, concluding that it lives up to the hype. Hopefully, with everyone still chattering about these two food items, the chain will be able to keep its bread supply stocked — as these two sandwiches might be in the limelight for a while.