Michael Symon Says Restaurant Psychics 'Melted' His Brain

Michael Symon isn't one to stay quiet about what he believes in, and what he doesn't. This is clearly reflected in the way he operates his businesses. For example, per Eater, the celebrity chef banned former President Donald Trump from eating at his restaurants, a move he has been quite vocal about. So when he announced that his Las Vegas location of Mabel's BBQ would be hosting three psychics on November 10, he might have surprised some fans.

In a recent Tweet, the chef attached a video notifying potential patrons of the special guests, and also admitted that he doesn't "usually get into this kind of thing." But Symon might have been a little more open-minded to this type of spirituality, especially with the recent reopening of Mabel's BBQ Vegas restaurant. So far, the celebrity chef has done a lot to attract customers back to the venue, including UFC viewing specials, football tailgate packages, and bringing in live entertainment, as seen by inviting this set of psychics.

Symon encourages diners to get a reading

The Iron Chef has made it known that he is proud of his Ohio roots, where the two other locations of Mabel's are situated (via Mabel's BBQ). But the third Mabel's BBQ location sits in Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, which is a hub for luxurious and unique dining experiences, housing the famed Scotch 80 Prime Steakhouse and Tim Ho Wan. As mentioned before, the restaurant owner did state that he typically isn't drawn to this type of entertainment but in the Twitter video, he also said that his experience with the psychics "completely blew" his mind.

The Food Network star then goes on to mention a show that is happening at the same resort on November 12 and 13, which also features the psychics. Again, the celebrity Chef stated that they "melted my brain." It's unclear what the psychics disclosed to the public figure — perhaps future business plans or a show on the horizon? Either way, Symon suggests that if you visit The Palms you should "talk to a psychic" and "have an old-fashioned."