All The Ways You Can Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey At Honey Baked Ham

Most people have a dish they look forward to eating the most on Thanksgiving. But regardless of which component will be taking up the most room on your plate, we all know that the turkey is the true star of the meal. Sure, says there isn't any actual evidence the bird was served at the first Turkey Day celebration in 1621. However, at some point over the course of the last 400 years, the poultry has become the anchor of the yearly feast.

Now, those who bravely take on the role of hosting Thanksgiving have to figure out how to get one on the table for their families to enjoy, which we can probably all agree isn't exactly the easiest T-day task to complete. In fact, according to a 2019 One Poll survey, 56% of Americans think properly cooking the turkey is the hardest aspect of the holiday (via New York Post). Additionally, 60% of respondents said the biggest Turkey Day fail was not finishing all the cooking on time, while 76% of Americans agreed that Thanksgiving would be much more enjoyable if they didn't have to step foot in the kitchen at all.

If you're finding yourself intimidated by your turkey — or just holiday cooking in general – Honey Baked Ham is more than willing to take some of the work off your hands. Despite its name, the chain is offering several different poultry options for customers to choose from for Thanksgiving this year.

Honey Baked Ham has five different turkey options

It can take up to five and a half hours to roast an entire Thanksgiving turkey, according to the USDA – and that doesn't even include all that time you spend anxiously researching how not to screw up the bird. This year, however, turning to Honey Baked Ham can save you some precious time and reduce your holiday stress. The company has five different turkey options for customers to pick from this holiday season, all of which can be shipped nationwide if you don't happen to live near a store.

Those who enjoy a more traditional Turkey Day feast may be interested in Honey Baked Ham's whole turkeys, which weigh between 11 and 13 pounds and can feed as many as 12 people. Available in three different flavor options (smoked, roasted, or Cajun, for those looking to give a "kick" to their main course) the HBH website says these birds are "hand-seasoned and ready-to-serve," and make a "great addition to virtually any occasion." Additionally, Honey Baked Ham also offers two-and-a-half-pound turkey breasts in both the smoked and roasted flavor options, which are said to be enough for six to eight people (via Honey Baked Ham).

According to The Takeout, prices are location-specific, but start at $36 for turkey breasts and $73.99 for whole birds. Orders can be placed online and should be done so by November 21 if choosing shipping to ensure delivery by Thanksgiving next week.