McDonald's Calls On Ted Lasso For Savory World Cup Campaign And Sparks Internet Frenzy

"Ted Lasso" is a key ingredient in McDonald's recipe for success during the World Cup — the restaurant has included the show's star Jason Sudeikis in its World Cup advertisement, which is causing a bit of a frenzy online. Per IMDb, the show follows an American coach who takes over an English soccer team, so the campaign seems like a perfect way to tie pop culture and fast food in with the tournament.

According to Trendzer, the World Cup is a great marketing opportunity for many businesses. In line with the competition's multi-national appeal and McDonald's widespread presence, the fast food giant has recruited a culturally diverse cast of celebrities to promote its new "Wanna go to McDonalds?" campaign. According to Marketing Interactive, the fast food giant is targeting 75 markets with the advertisements. The 38,000-branch company is targeting social media with a video that is spreading across social media.

The stellar compilation of celebrities and well-known personalities is already drawing fans to the campaign on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. In addition to Jason Sudeikis, the video also features several other well-known people who may draw the attention of fans.

McDonald's star-spangled world cup campaign

Jason Sudeikis does not come cheap — his salary for one episode of "Ted Lasso," according to The Teal Mango, is a whopping $1 million per episode. Additionally, should you require his service as a public speaker, it will cost you a booking fee of between $300,000 and $499,000, per Celebrity Talent, so who knows what the fast food chain forked out for his contribution to their "Wanna go to McDonalds?" campaign.

As seen on Twitter, Sudeikis's role in the video campaign is simply to say, "Let me ask you a question; do you want to go ..." Then the video cuts away from the "Ted Lasso” star mid-word, and switches to TikToker Khaby Lame, the K-pop girl group Itzy, and FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro among others, all chorusing the "o" (as if cheering the word "goal") before Sudeikis finishes off his sentence with the words; "... to McDonald's?"

The "Ted Lasso" star is adding value already; "Jason Sudeikis is better than all of them combined," one user responded. "Jason and the [best burgers and fries]," chorused another. Someone quipped, "Sudeikis is a [corporate] snake, it's in his personality," obviously representing the contingent that does not favor the "Ted Lasso" star, however big or small.