Bad Daddy's Just Unveiled Two New Burgers And A Shake For The Holidays

Even though it might not exactly be barbecuing season, it's always burger season. Don't believe us? We've got a grillmaster's guide on how to grill outside in the cold, so you can keep that smoky fire burning all winter long.

And obviously, a little cold weather isn't going to keep restaurant chains like Bad Daddy's Burger Bar from grilling up their meaty sandwiches. For the uninitiated, Bad Daddy's is an upscale burger chain from the Colarado-based Good Times Restaurants group, according to the company's website. Bad Daddy's is all about statement-making hyperbole, featuring a "bacon cheeseburger on steroids" and a "bad ass margarita" among a stacked menu of oversized sandwiches, fried snacks, milkshakes, and more. Bad Daddy's even serves one of the best patty melts in America, and they've got 40 locations across the country. And now, to prove they mean business about serving both grilled and chilled food in the cold, Bad Daddy's has added some new menu items themed around the holiday season.

Bad Daddy's has a unique take on the Thanksgiving sandwich

In a press release sent to Mashed, Bad Daddy's announced two new burgers: the Hangover and the Home for the Holidays. The former is breakfast on a burger, with American cheese, sliced rosemary ham, and a fried egg topping the beef patty — oh, and a pile of tots sandwiched between the buns.

The Home for the Holidays burger, however, is more akin to a Thanksgiving feast. This isn't like your average chain restaurant Thanksgiving dinners: Rather than being served separately on a plate, traditional autumnal flavors are served together in a turkey burger with your side of choice. The sandwich is also unique compared to other food chains' Thanksgiving sandwiches. While Turkey Day-themed subs from Starbucks and Denny's contain traditional ingredients like roasted turkey breast and stuffing, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Bad Daddy's take has fried brie, grilled apples, and orange-scented cranberry sauce.

And if you're thinking, "What Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a slice of pumpkin pie?" Bad Daddy's had the same idea. In addition to the new burgers, the restaurant is also adding a pumpkin pie milkshake, blended with an entire piece of pumpkin pie, to its dessert lineup. All three items will remain on the Bad Daddy's menu through January 3.