Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers Now Exist And Are On Shelves Nationwide

The Hershey Co. is on a streak of marrying Reese's candies with other products, according to Food Business News. In November, the company released a Reese's Cup-Reese's Puff hybrid. This Reese's Big Cup Stuffed with Reese's Puff Cereal is neither the first nor the last Reese's mashup to hit store shelves, however. The company has put out other hit combos, like Reese's with potato chips, in the past.

These Reese's collaborations are an attempt by The Hershey Co. to reframe the context in which people eat Reese's candy. For example, some of these combinations are geared toward substantial snacking rather than indulgence.

Reese's products landed at the number one spot in candy sales in convenience stores nationwide, per Convenience Store News, which noted that the recent candy combos have been hugely successful in this setting. This month, Reese's candy products will collide with a popular cookie brand to create something else entirely.

Reese's new collaboration responds to demand for dipped candy

If you think that the Reese's brand can't transcend the peanut butter cup, think again. In fact, Reese's has embraced the power of teamwork. Beginning this month, Reese's candy fans can get their hands on The Hershey Co.'s newest hybrid, Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers, according to Brand Eating.This product features an animal cracker with a peanut butter spread that's been dipped in milk chocolate. They're available in stores in 4.25-ounce-bags for $2.50. 

This product was born out of research that showed sales for cookies under the Hershey's brand have increased more slowly than dipped pretzels, which increased 53% in five years, Food Business News reported. The Hershey Co. will continue to combine its candies with other types of products. For example, the company responded to the growing demand for gummy candies by expanding its Jolly Ranchers gummy line and adding a Twizzlers Gummies option.