The One Person Preppy Kitchen's John Kanell Would Want To Cook Him Dinner - Exclusive

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The Preppy Kitchen's John Kanell has been giving advice on how to create his homemade dishes for seven years through his massively popular YouTube channel. Fans love the way he makes dishes like his French Silk Pie or Chicken Florentine recipe seem easy to make through his simple step-by-step directions. Because of the success of his channel, he's appeared on multiple shows from "The Kelly Clarkson Show" to "Good Morning America" and created a New York Times bestselling cookbook called "Preppy Kitchen: Recipes for Seasonal Dishes and Simple Pleasures."

While promoting his partnership with The Incredible Egg, he told us in an exclusive interview that he was blown away when he was told he had received such an incredible distinction. "I hope that people have come to the blog and the YouTube channel and everything else, knowing that they can trust my recipes," Kanell said. "One thing that I always try and do is help people have fun in the kitchen and not be stressed out." Having received this type of accolade and meeting prominent people in the food industry, you might be surprised to learn who the humble cook would pick to cook him a meal.

His ideal dinner makes him think of his childhood

Kanell has tried food from all over the world, but when it comes down to who he would most want to cook for him, he said, "My mom would be making my food." Kanell elaborated, saying, "Someone asked me what my dream meal would be and I went through it, and at the end of the menu, I realized they were all my childhood favorites that my mom had made. Things as simple as the herbed rice that she makes every Thanksgiving, with fresh herbs from her garden and onions and garlic mixed in there and it's fluffy and perfect to steamed asparagus to a beautiful –- it's not seasonally appropriate –- but my favorite dessert I have at many holiday meals is a bush de noel."

Kanell explained the treat is made from egg whites that you froth, which creates a cake that's "paper thin." Then you roll it while it's warm and once it's cooled you unroll it and fill it with ingredients like coffee-flavored whipped cream. Next, you roll it back up and cover it with creamy chocolate ganache and sweet strawberries. "That's our semi-traditional buche de noel that I love," Kanell said. "That was one of my desserts and it was my mom's dessert."

For more information on The Incredible Egg, visit their website. John Kanell's cookbook "Preppy Kitchen: Recipes for Seasonal Dishes and Simple Pleasures" is available on Amazon.