Instagram Is Amazed By Ree Drummond's Knife Skills

How many food accounts do you follow on Instagram? You probably don't know or have lost count already. No matter the number, you enjoy going through your colorful, flavorful feed, and learning tons of kitchen hacks from reels that last just seconds. If you are Food Network and a Southern comforting recipes fan, you probably stop and enjoy Ree Drummond's content more often than not. Drummond, the mind and face behind The Pioneer Woman, besides being a chef, food icon, mother, and cookbook author, is an Instagram persona with more than 4 million followers. Besides sharing her daily life, and delicious recipes, she often shares cooking tricks or random things happening in her kitchen.

In a recent video, Drummond appears chopping pecans with a knife — in fact, she titled the video "Chopping Pecans." The video has a quick motion effect and the sounds portray the same thing: You can hear how she chops quickly, including how she glides the knife over the cutting board with no music behind. She chops a handful of pecans several times until these look finely chopped. Users were thrilled because she looked like she knows what she is doing with the knife and is great at controlling it, while others were questioning if this is worth the time in the kitchen.

Fans found Ree Drummond's video oddly satisfying

"Very satisfying," said a user about the video, because of the sounds that were created from the knife chopping pecans on a wooden board. "Weirdly therapeutic to watch," shared another one. Another commenter said they couldn't stop watching it, comparing it to ASMR. This is not the first time a Ree Drummond video is described like this — She made an Egg ASMR Instagram post before as well as a pancake video

Besides being pleasing, the sound could almost sound nostalgic as one Instagram said this reminded her of Woody Woodpecker. Of course, there was a whole group admiring the knife skills. "Woah!!! Ninja knife skills there," read a comment. Other users compared themselves to the culinary star, saying that if they tried this in real-time "there would be pecans all over the floor." Another was so thrilled they were asking for the sequel, for example, "Chopping almonds? Chopping pistachios? Chopping walnuts?"

On the other hand, some users were wondering why The Pioneer Woman didn't just use a food processor and saved all this time chopping. One even wrote: "Why not purchase chopped pecans? Life is too short to spend time doing this." Many defended the cookbook author, stating that chopping is more fun, and one follower indicated that they use the food processor only to make pecan flour not for chopping. Above all, Drummond looked like she was enjoying herself, which is what cooking is all about!