Gen Z Isn't Worried About Thanksgiving Traditions, According To A New Survey

We're all fully aware by now that Gen Z is a little different, and not in a bad way. Though some of the ways that they differ from previous generations may at times seem like they're carelessly casting off tradition, in reality, that controversial Thanksgiving side just doesn't taste good.

Perhaps the most concerning for older generations is how Gen Z chooses to celebrate holidays. Per Gen Z Insights, this particular demographic has turned to food delivery services and smaller, pandemic-friendly get-togethers due in part to being away at college and not wanting to potentially expose grandparents. In the eyes of older generations, this looks like they don't care as much about family as they do friends.

While it may be true that some Gen Zers value chosen family over biological family, that's definitely not the only factor at play here. In fact, one recent survey suggests Gen Z is switching up tradition for another reason entirely — money.

Gen Z is focused on affordability

It goes without saying that the younger generations are usually strapped for cash. This becomes even more apparent with the holidays fast approaching. Personal Capital recently surveyed 1000 Americans, 25% being Gen Zers, to see how people planned to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

According to the survey results, 32% of Gen Zers plan to skip Thanksgiving altogether. Another 47% of Gen Zers said their Thanksgiving get-together would be smaller than previous years. Ultimately, money seems to be the biggest factor, with 54% of Gen Z reporting feelings of financial stress over the holiday season. As such, many said they would have potlucks, serve fewer items, and ask friends and family to pitch in.

Some went so far as to say they were ditching the turkey and instead ordering pizza. Although this may seem extreme to older generations, consider this: Per Wells Fargo, the cost of turkey is up as much as 23% this year, thanks to inflation and the avian flu outbreak. Long story short, as The Takeout notes, it's simply more budget-conscious to forgo the turkey and celebrate in a less traditional way.