Rachael Ray Says Always Have Extra Turkey Stock At Hand For Thanksgiving

Rachael Ray is an absolute icon, with years and years of no-frills kitchen expertise and knowledge, all delivered in a manner that is approachable and kindhearted. Of course, it's to be assumed that she'd have a great grasp on Thanksgiving recipes, tips, and tricks. 

At this point, you may already have the menu planned out, the cooking schedule ready to go, and the guest list finalized, but some of the most important moments of Thanksgiving are in the seemingly minor concepts and approaches that may often be forgotten. One especially important example? Stock of any type, or specifically turkey, which Ray notes as being one of the most important ingredients to have on hand on Turkey Day. Anne Burrell has also historically echoed this precise point. 

You don't need turkey stock, of course: chicken broth, vegetable stock, or any liquid of that sort would also work. Read ahead to learn more about the myriad ways in which stock (or broth) could be a huge help on Thanksgiving Day. 

The many ways in which to use stock (or broth) on Thanksgiving

In a conversation with Jeff Mauro, Rachael notes that having stock on hand can "course-correct" many different issues you may encounter on Thanksgiving. She notes, "If [the turkey is] slightly undercooked, slice it and bathe it in the warm [stock] ... if it's a little overcooked, drizzle it over [for taste]." Mauro even calls stock/broth "the great glue of Thanksgiving." It definitely can't hurt to have a lot on hand! In addition to the turkey, stock can also be added to a dry stuffing, used to moisten dry or overcooked appetizers, and of course, it's necessary for a grade-A turkey gravy to pour over every component of your Thanksgiving dinner plate with reckless abandon. 

Traditionally, homemade stock (made with bones) has more collagen, resulting in more flavor and more of a gelatin-type consistency, whereas store-bought stocks are more liquid-y. Either/or is perfectly fine for all of these Thanksgiving Day specialties, though. Stock really is the perfect thing to have on hand to ensure that your Thanksgiving dinner is top-tier — and don't forget about those stellar leftovers!