Here's What Happened To Chocomize After Shark Tank

Have you ever wanted to customize your own chocolate bar with toppings and custom messages? That's exactly the idea that inspired Chocomize. Eric Heinbockel, Nick LaCava, and Fabian Kaempfer were three friends who decided to start their own business after graduating from college, per Shark Tank Success. The trio founded their company with $70,000 and created a website where customers can select from milk, dark, or white Belgian chocolate as the base, then choose from hundreds of toppings and mix-in options. Customers could also further customize their chocolate bars by adding a note, and there was also a "chocolate bar of the month" option, according to Shark Tank Blog. Chocomize made around $400,000 in sales from its first year in business (per Shark Tank Success).

Wishing to further boost the business, then-Chief Financial Officer Joe Dauenhauer appeared on the popular show "Shark Tank" (via 2paragraphs). Many entrepreneurs and business owners from across the United States pitch their ideas and products on the show with hopes of one of the "sharks" investing in them and taking their business to the next level, per ABC. During his appearance, Dauenhauer pitched Chocomize to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary, real estate agent Barbara Corcoran, businessman Robert Herjavec, and TV personality and entrepreneur Lori Greiner. Here's what happened to Chocomize after "Shark Tank."

Chocomize is still in business, but shifted its focus

Once on "Shark Tank," then-CFO Joe Dauenhauer asked the sharks to invest $500,000 in Chocomize for 20% equity in the company, according to 2paragraphs. Of course, Dauenhauer brought samples for the potential investors and explained that the company had $440,000 in sales that year, which was down from $500,000 in sales the year before, per Shark Tank Blog. Investors Robert Herjavec, Kevin O'Leary, and Lori Greiner felt the company was too niche, specific, and out of their realm. Investor Barbara Corcoran thought that the company didn't generate profit quick enough. Mark Cuban agreed, and thought the business' annual sales were too weak. Dauenhauer left "Shark Tank" without making a deal with any of the investors, but that didn't stop the business.

Since then, Dauenhauer is no longer with Chocomize, and the company itself is still in business and has transitioned to only fulfilling bulk orders for business and corporations, per 2paragraphs. Some big-name businesses the company has fulfilled orders for include Netflix, Amazon, Porsche, Google, Nike, and American Airlines, according to Chocomize. It has also expanded its products to offer chocolate truffles, wedding favors, gift baskets, baked goods, custom chocolate shapes, hot chocolate on a stick, and more. The company has made an estimated $5 million in yearly sales, as of March 2022 (via Shark Tank Blog).