The Brewery Co-Owned By Colorado Shooting Hero Rich Fierro

Tragedy struck the Colorado Springs community on November 19 when a gunman opened fire at the LGBTQ hotspot, Club Q, per AP News. Although five people tragically died, it's almost certain that further deaths were prevented by Richard "Rich" Fierro, who instinctively worked to disarm the shooter, with aid from a couple of other clubgoers. An army veteran, Fierro served one tour of duty in Afghanistan and three tours in Iraq.

Fierro came to the club to enjoy a drag show as part of a birthday celebration, along with his daughter, her boyfriend, and other revelers. Tragically, his daughter's boyfriend lost his life. Fierro credited his military training for the way he faced the threat. "It's the reflex. Go! Go to the fire. Stop the action. Stop the activity. Don't let no one get hurt," he told AP News, adding, "I tried to bring everybody back."

During his military service, Fierro was honored with two Bronze Stars for combat heroism, says CNN. This is the fourth highest award a service member can receive, says Medals of America, and is given for "an action that shows bravery and courage." He is racking up other accolades, thanks to his response in Club Q, including a phone call from President Biden and a $5,000 reward from the League of United Latin American Citizens. Now, as Fierro's name has hit the mainstream media, he and his family business, a local brewery, are piquing the interest of people who appreciate his selfless actions.

Rich Fierro co-owns Atrevida Beer Co with his wife

After Rich Fierro's role in disarming the Club Q shooter made headlines, internet searches for his family's brewery went through the roof. In fact, both "atrevida beer colorado" and "atrevida beer" were Trendbot's top two searches. Located in Colorado Springs, Atrevida is a family affair. The founder and brewmaster is Rich's wife, Jess, who co-owns the business with him. The company's website describes her as "the first bad ass Latina Brewery Owner and Head Brewer in Colorado." The bio also goes on to note that Jess was a proud military spouse during Rich's tours of duty. Their daughter Kassy (whose boyfriend was killed in the shooting) works at the site as a brewer and beer tender, and their son Ricky is a music engineer.

Atrevida is a proud brewer of Mexican lagers, which Jess said are inspired by flavors she enjoyed as a child, per a 2018 interview with Springs Magazine. One of those is the Dolores Huerta Mexican Lager, which incorporates flaked maize, an ingredient that "adds a slightly sweet smoothness to the crisp, refreshing, golden-hued lager," per The Frederick News-Post.

The company's motto is, "Diversity, it's on tap!" which can be seen emblazoned on a t-shirt in the brewery's online shop. Fittingly, the sleeve of the shirt proudly displays an American flag, which some might see as an homage to the brave store owner who served and protected not only abroad but also in his own town.