The Best Small Grills Of 2022

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Per BBQ Revolution, 75% of Americans have an outdoor grill or smoker. It's a common household appliance that can be used to grill meat, vegetables, fruit, and more. It's inspired competitions across the country and the world, and it's even made some chefs famous for their grilling skills.

Grilling is a cooking method that many people take seriously. It's a practice some have down to a science, and much of that science includes a variety of choices made. From recipes and energy sources to brands and tools, all grill masters have a particular way of doing things. The slightest change can make a difference in the outcome of the food.

One of the most important factors in grilling is the grill itself. It may seem like all grills are the same, but there are dozens of nuances, so it's important to choose wisely so you end up with food that meets your flavor preferences.

If you are new to grilling, are short on space, are wanting to try out a different type of grill, or are interested in traveling with a grill, you just might be better off starting small. If you're in the market for one, these are the best small grills of 2022:

How we chose

With so many fantastic small grills on the market, we didn't make our choices without careful thought. Choosing a small grill means considering dozens of factors, like price, portability, ease of use, and overall performance. We used those to guide our recommendations, and after sifting through grill after grill, we assembled a list of the best ones.

From our list, we carefully examined what makes each grill so great. Some are perfect for smoking while others reign supreme in versatility of the grilling location. Knowing this, we assigned each grill its own superlative that highlights why it made the list. We also studied reviews from experts as well as consumers who bought these products. 

We spent time on this list, certain to only give you recommendations we know will serve you well. Small grills can be a costly purchase. No matter the reason you're buying one, any small grill on this list will meet your needs and prove that size and space can't stop you from having that perfect meal from the grill.

Best overall grill

Weber has been manufacturing top-notch grills for decades, and its Liquid Propane Grill proves why. This fantastic piece of equipment will leave you with perfectly grilled food every time. In the world of small grills, it's as close to a masterpiece as they come. The Weber is small enough whether you want to travel with it or if you live in an apartment and are short on space. It can sit on a tabletop to give you room to hold your grilling accessories and plates, but it also has flaps attached that fold out as well. This grill does have to be hooked up to propane, but it gives off flavorful foods every time and is easy to use no matter how experienced you are with a grill. With a push-to-start button and cast-iron grates, Weber's Liquid Propane Grill comes fully assembled, so there's no need to dig out your toolbox when it arrives in the mail. Buy some propane and get right to grilling.

Weber is a brand customers are willing to invest in. Like one reviewer said, "I have bought a few of these over the years and I keep coming back to it. You really can't beat it for price, quality and ease of use."

You can purchase your Weber grill on Amazon for $229 as of November 2022.

Best affordable grill

Generally speaking, small grills are less expensive than full-size grills — there aren't as many parts or labor required to assemble. If you're after a well-functioning grill, but don't want to spend money on a full-size one, a small grill is already a great compromise. But if you want to find the most affordable small grill that still works just as well as a full-size one, check out the Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill. This grill features a nice-sized grate that's perfect for cooking an entrée and a side at the same time. It's lightweight and can be moved around easily so you can grill wherever you'd like, and it comes on a stand so that you don't have to adjust your position while grilling.

Common complaints about small grills are the overall lack of space and the inability to get hot enough for the food you're grilling, but Cuisinart will prove that small grills are both spacious and plenty hot. "You will love it and I promise you won't regret it," one customer stated.

You can purchase one on Amazon for $29.93 as of November 2022.

Best splurge grill

For a higher-priced small grill, we recommend the Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. Traeger is best known for its smokers — they're a classic in the industry — but its standard grills are worth some hype, too, and that includes its small grill.

This pellet grill will give you a delicious smoky flavor, but thanks to the versatility of Traeger, you don't have to have smokiness if you don't want it. With a little bit of adapting, this grill can give you food that's fully flavorful without a smoky bite. The Traeger grill can be set on a tabletop, or even on a slab of concrete if necessary, but it can just as easily be used in the tailgate of a pickup for a sporting event or family picnic. The Ranger will give you everything you could want in a large grill, just in a smaller package.

Quality Grill Tips reviewed the Traeger Ranger and noted, "The Ranger is, like just about everything from Traeger, a little overpriced but not a bad investment. The Ranger is worth the money and after you use it a few times you will stop thinking about the extra $50-$100 [it] cost over the other brands."

You can purchase a Traeger grill on Amazon for $449.95 as of November 2022.

Best indoor grill

To some, grilling is exclusively an outdoor, summertime activity. But to those of us who know that the magic of grilling does not have to be exclusive to warmer months, having a small grill that works indoors is not a want but a need. And that need is satisfied by Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill.

The Hamilton Beach grill is perfect for the indoors. It's small enough to sit right on your countertop, and it comes with a window so you can peer at whatever you're cooking without letting heat escape. Hamilton Beach has long made affordable kitchen gadgets that work, and it's proven itself once again with this small grill. "Very happy with my purchase and it doesn't take up a whole lot of space and the grate will fit perfect in my dishwasher," one reviewer noted. And although this grill was created for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors. Use it indoors, or use it outdoors: You'll love it just the same.

You can purchase a Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill on Amazon for $89.99 as of November 2022.

Best portable grill

Lots of small grills are portable, but not all are quite as well-made as the Char-Broil Standard Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill. The term small grill can refer to something on wheels, but we like to think of it as something that you can carry, and that's what you get with Char-Broil.

If you are transporting your grill anywhere, it's likely somewhere outdoors. While your grill is in transit, it's important that you have something that will remain safe, and safety is at the forefront of Char-Broil's design. The grill comes with a lid and lock system, so you can be confident carrying it by hand or transporting it in the back of your vehicle.

Not only is the Char-Broil portable grill safe, but it also works well. It's easy to use and is light to carry, and most importantly, it'll produce delicious meals. The brand has made other versions of a small grill, and this is by far the best. One customer shared, "Easy assembly, lightweight, great portability, perfect for camping. This is now the 3rd time we've bought one of these little propane grills, taking one camping with us for over 30 years. Perfect in so many ways — including affordability."

Get your own Char-Broil grill on Amazon for $45.94 as of November 2022.

Best propane grill

When it comes to grills, users are divided when it comes to the energy source. One option is propane, a liquid gas source that is used to heat anything from a grill to a house. Many grillers like to use propane because it's easy to adjust the temperature, and for many, it's the sole determinant in whether or not to buy a grill at all.

If you're after a small propane grill, the best to get is the Char-Broil 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill. Propane grills typically leave you with a classic grilled flavor, and that's exactly what you'll get here. This grill is well-made and easy to move around with four casters on the bottom. It's left thousands of customers satisfied, prompting one to say, "Great BBQ! Smaller for our [apartment] balcony, but very good quality and heats up quick. Food comes out perfect."

Although it's small, there is plenty of space on the grill grate, and it's super easy to clean. And because Char-Broil makes products that last, you'll be refilling your propane supply far more than you'll be thinking about getting a new grill.

You can get your Char-Broil grill on Amazon for $260.41 as of November 2022.

Best charcoal grill

Although propane is popular, another group of grillers will go to bat for charcoal until the day they die. Charcoal grills leave their dishes with a very distinct flavor, and they provide the most wonderful aroma that screams summer barbecue.

If you need a small charcoal grill, look to the Weber Smokey Joe. As noted, Weber knows how to craft grills, and its charcoal grill is perfect whether you're a veteran or a novice. It's easy to use and comes with easy-to-read instructions. It's got plenty of space and a great rust-proof lid and bowl. You can purchase it with confidence that it'll last for years.

One customer said, "This little grill is a game changer. Super easy to assemble and it arrived quickly. Great size when grilling for small groups or a single person." A reviewer from noted, "I appreciate the fact Weber has used quality materials in a moderately priced grill; that isn't always the case, but they have used their standard porcelain-enameled steel here. It may be budget-friendly, but it isn't 'cheap.'" We're confident you'll find the same after purchasing one of your own.

You can buy your own Weber Smokey Joe grill on Amazon for $44.69 as of November 2022.

Best pellet grill

There are infinite reasons to love a pellet grill. Pellets make it easier to change the flavor of your meal, and if you're a fan of smoky food, there's no grill greater than a pellet grill. One problem with the grill type is that it can be really tricky to find a small version that works for smoking, mostly because of the appliance's size and temperature restraints.

Cuisinart has found a way to work around all that. Purchase its Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, and you'll be able to have tasty smoked pork butts and briskets. You can have charred vegetables and tasty chicken. Heck, you might even be able to enter a barbecue competition with the spoils of your Cuisinart pellet grill. This grill makes smoking accessible. It's great if you're a master who's short on space or a newbie looking to hone your skills before investing in a major piece of equipment. "This [may be] the best smoker grill I have ever used," one reviewer said.

You can purchase this grill on Amazon for $280.99 as of November 2022.

Best electric grill

Serious grillers might scoff at electric grills — propane, charcoal, and pellet versions seem to have the monopoly on what's considered a true grill — but there's a time and a place for an electric grill, especially a small one. Electric grills don't require extraneous sources of energy. They're economical, and they still produce great flavor. They're especially great for anyone living in a small space or anyone who transports their grill often. Trust us, there's a lot to love about an electric grill.

And the best electric grill that you can find is the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor grill. As indicated by the name, you can use this grill indoors or outdoors, and it comes with a stand if you're short on table space. You can even use it to cook bacon in the morning, a la Michael Scott from The Office (though we wouldn't recommend using it in your bedroom).

This electric grill is easy to use and easy to clean, and it leaves you with tasty food that will rival that made on any other type of grill. One reviewer said, "This grill is incredible. It grills well, our meats are tender and juicy, and the clean-up is easy. I'm so happy we purchased it...well worth what we paid for it."

You can purchase this grill on Amazon for $99.79 as of November 2022.

Best infrared grill

Infrared grills are very unique. They are still relatively new technology that uses an infrared heating element. Although some might resist the technology — it's not one of the tried-and-true grilling methods — more and more people are becoming interested in using this type of grill.

Infrared grills cook fast and evenly, and they're easy to clean and sustainable, and we love that there is a smaller version for quite a few reasons. No. 1, these are very costly pieces of equipment. You'll be hard-pressed to find a full-size infrared grill for less than $1,000, and because it uses a specific type of heating element, you're probably going to want to buy the best one that you can find. However, that's not always possible, and a smaller version, like the Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill, gives you access to this brilliant technology without breaking the bank.

The Solaire is going to give you the best introduction to infrared grilling technology, and you'll likely fall in love with that along the way. One customer who has used it said, "This grill delivers steak cooking performance with ease. I couldn't be more pleased with this grill!" while another said, "you will not be disappointed if you purchase this grill."

Solaire's infrared grill can be found on Amazon for $397 as of November 2022.

Best kamado grill

A kamado grill is a uniquely shaped grill. If you're unfamiliar, picture a Big Green Egg, as that's likely the most famous brand of this shape. Kamado grills are great for slow cooking, and the unique shape gives food an incredibly satisfying flavor. They're also wonderful to use as indirect heat sources, and you can use other kitchen equipment like woks and Dutch ovens inside kamado grills, making them stellar pieces of equipment.

If you want some of that magic in a smaller package, check out the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill. This grill gives you all of the joys of a full-size kamado grill, but it's just a little easier to move around. "If you are wanting to try a Kamado style grill this is the best bang for [your] buck you will ever find," one reviewer noted.

The Char-Griller has plenty of space on its grate, and it has flaps on either side to hold your food and tools. It uses charcoal and leaves you with exceptional food. As a Smoked BBQ Source reviewer shared, "The Char-Griller's Akorn is well priced and is a very suitable grill for beginners and more experienced grillers alike."

Buy your Char-Griller on Amazon for $412.91 as of November 2022.