Why You Should Bake Bagels On A Pizza Stone

Bagels might truly be one of the world's best culinary inventions. Perfectly pillowy yet crisp, with a crisp exterior that gives way to a soft interior, the bagel's perfectly circular, lightweight shape also makes it a stellar on-the-go handheld option. It's also an amazing vehicle for a slew of spreads besides cream cheese, an ideal sandwich bread, and so much more. An optimal way to start the day — or, really, to be enjoyed at any point throughout the day, bagels are a top-tier, A+ bread option that have a cult following that borders on fervent. 

While ordering or picking up some bagels is quite simple, making them at home has intimidated many a home cook. But why? Is it working with dough that's challenging? Shaping them? Cooking them? No matter the origins of your bagel-making hesitations, there are a few top tips that will undoubtedly help demystify making them at home, including using a pizza stone. 

What is the secret to making bagels at home?

Real Simple advocates for using a pizza stone to cook bagels and capture that perfectly crisp exterior. The outlet spoke with Chef Evan LeRoy of Austin's LeRoy and Lewis, who says, "I love pizza stones specifically for bagels, because the stone is able to get really hot and distribute the heat evenly so you can achieve that great chew crust." He's not alone; a slew of sites and blogs across the interwebs swear by cooking bagels on a pizza stone. One Redditor even opted to use a pizza stone on a grill! 

The Washington Post states that a pizza stone is the most significant component of their bagel recipe. Leite's Culinaria notes that while a home oven can only typically go to 500 degrees, the pizza stone takes it up a notch: it's preheated in the oven, which then increases the heat within the oven overall, which helps both the rise and the crust formation and rising.

So, if you're looking to whip up some bagels at home, be sure to unearth your pizza stone from that cabinet it's been hiding in and put it to great use. Once your bagel is done you can use the pizza stone to get tastier sandwiches.