The In-N-Out Location With Only Outdoor Picnic Tables For Seats

In 1948, In-N-Out Burger became "California's first drive-thru hamburger stand" with the introduction of a two-way speaker box, as In-N-Out explains. At the time, there was no option to dine in; customers placed and received their orders without ever leaving their cars. In fact, it wasn't until 1979 that the chain opened a dining room restaurant, and as new locations popped up, the indoor dining option became the norm.

While all In-N-Out Burger locations share obvious similarities, like the menu, logo, and overall marketing efforts, there's one location that now stands out from the rest. What makes it so different? For one, it's similar to the 1948 drive-thru hamburger stand in that customers can't enter the restaurant to order or eat their food.

But unlike the original hamburger stand, this location offers something that some customers likely consider better than indoor dining, especially on a nice, sunny day: the opportunity to enjoy their food outdoors with a beautiful view of the mountains (via Tripadvisor).

The patio area offers a nice view of Mount Baldy

So where is this unique In-N-Out Burger location that offers only outdoor patio seating? You'll find it on Foothill Boulevard in Upland, California, according to In-N-Out Burger. Although there are other locations that offer patio dining, including the one in nearby Pomona and La Verne, the Upland location offers the closest view of Mount Baldy. Google Maps reveals that this 10,068-foot summit (via Condé Nast Traveler) sits about 10 miles from the Upland In-N-Out Burger patio area.

A customer on Tripadvisor confirmed the scenic vista, saying, "I love coming to this In-N-Out, Great views of Mount Baldy ..." This particular restaurant is also less than a mile away from an airport, so in addition to Mount Baldy in the distance, customers can see planes landing at the airport (via Google Maps).

Plus, this location offers customers the option to walk up to a window to place their order, as several customers mentioned in their Google reviews. One reviewer said that "the service is usually fast when ordering at the walk up window." 

Of the few locations that don't offer an indoor dining area, the Upland location is the only one where you can eat your In-N-Out fries, enjoy a close view of Mount Baldy, and watch a plane land at the same time.