The 208 Liter Barrel Of Olive Oil That Left Costco Shoppers In Shambles

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Because Costco sells most of its goods in bulk, you're guaranteed to find some ridiculously sized products. To be fair, some of these items are probably intended for commercial use, but it's far funnier to imagine them for home use.

According to Insider, some of Costco's weirdest bulk items include a 60-pound tub of honey, a 7-pound tub of Nutella, and a 50-pound tub of lard. What you would need 50 pounds of lard for is beyond us, but hey, good to know it's available. Other bizarre things you can find at Costco include a 27-pound tub of mac and cheese and a 72-pound wheel of cheese. Don't get us wrong, cheese is great, but what on earth do you do with 72 pounds of it?

Yet another one of these gigantic Costco items — a huge barrel of olive oil — recently went viral on Reddit, and as you might expect, people were floored. Although olive oil is an extremely versatile ingredient, we're not entirely sure why anyone would need to buy a 208-liter barrel of the stuff.

Reddit doesn't know what to do with Costco's barrel of olive oil

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could buy a bigger container of olive oil than the standard 200 milliliters, you're in luck. One Reddit user recently shared a photo of a barrel of olive oil for sale at Costco. This barrel, sold for $1,190, contains a whopping 208 liters of olive oil. In their caption, the user wrote that if they "use 2 tbsp every day, then it should last me nearly 20 years."

Another Redditor reasoned that, as ridiculous as the barrel is, it's actually a great deal. According to their math, it works out to be about $6 per liter, whereas a bottle of Colavita olive oil on Amazon costs $18 for only half a liter. A third Reddit user calculated the barrel to contain 1.7 million calories, or "enough to sustain you at 2000 calories per day for almost 2 ½ years." Yikes.

Others pointed out that the olive oil would surely go bad before you could use it all, to which one person wrote, "That's why you return the other half in 10 years." The sad thing is, this wouldn't be anywhere near the craziest thing people have returned to Costco. On a more reasonable note, other Redditors suggested that this barrel would be great for restaurants and soap makers. We'd have to agree.