How You Can Score Free McDonald's For Life This Holiday Season

Mcdonald's is giving customers a chance to win free food for life with a McGold Card, according to USA Today. The public first learned about the McGold card — a popular McDonald's wives' tale — when Rob Lowe put his on display during a 2015 segment of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," per Business Insider. But he wasn't the first cardholder, and he didn't win his privileges in a public giveaway.

McGold cardholders belong to a pretty exclusive group of individuals. For example, Warren Buffet and Andrew Hammond are also part of the McGold Card holders club. Additionally, United States Senator Mitt Romney once claimed that his dad, who went to the fast food chain every day, was in possession of a "little pink card" that guaranteed him free Mickey Ds for life.

The last time anyone received a gold card that gave them anything close to the McDonald's privileges that Mitt Romney's dad had was in 2018. This year's giveaway will create 12 new, possibly non-billionaire cardholders because three winners will be invited to choose three friends who will receive the same prize.

Enter to win with an order of $1 or more

The McGold Card has existed for years in both lore and reality. According to a KUSI news report (via Facebook), the reality of the 2018 giveaway was that the winner didn't really receive a card but a 24-karat gold smartphone case. And "free McDonald's for life" technically meant free food for 50 years with a limit of two weekly meals. Back then, the card was said to be worth over $52,000, per USA Today. This year, McDonald's is giving away 12 McGold Cards, and all people have to do to enter the contest is spend more than $1 through the McDonald's app. It all kicks off on December 5.

According to CNN Business, McDonald's is attempting to increase the allure of the giveaway, which is part of its SZN of Sharing, by introducing new deals and merchandise. Some of the offerings include BOGO Big Macs and a 50-cent cheeseburger. The promotions use already existing McDonald's menu items to reduce pressure on the company's employees. Those who aren't selected for the ultimate prize will be eligible for other smaller rewards. The big winners will be contacted on December 25.