Here's What Happened To Gotta Have S'More After Shark Tank

We all know by now that "Shark Tank" features some of the coolest products imaginable, whether it's kitchen tools, dog treats, kids' toys, home tech, food items – you get the idea. "Shark Tank" has a little bit of everything.

One such food item was a creative collision of s'mores and muffins, which entrepreneur Carmen Lindner lovingly named the "s'muffin." Sounds tasty, right? According to Shark Tank Tales, Lindner pitched her company, Gotta Have S'More, to the sharks in 2013 on Season 4 of the show.

Lindner asked the sharks for $75k in exchange for 25% equity in her company, but they were taken aback by her steep pricing. Per Shark Tank Success, Lindner was selling a dozen of her s'muffins for $29.99. However, shipping tacked on an additional $54 charge, bringing the total up to $84 for just 12 s'muffins. As you might expect, the sharks couldn't get behind the price tag, and Lindner left the tank without an investment. So, where is Gotta Have S'More today? 

The story behind Gotta Have S'More

If you're wondering how someone thought to combine a s'more and a muffin into one dessert, look no further. According to the Gazette Review, the s'muffin came about after Carmen Lindner had been experimenting with s'mores for years. Lindner took her dessert to an L.A. business mixer in 2009, and the s'muffin proved so popular, she turned it into a company by 2010.

As is usually the case with homemade treats, Lindner was quickly overwhelmed with orders. Unable to continue producing the s'muffin from her own kitchen, Lindner turned to a commercial bakery. However, she faced yet another problem — shipping her product to hungry customers across the country.

Lindner was already charging a set price for a dozen s'muffins, but once you add in the cost of freezing the muffins, packaging them with ice packs, and shipping, the cost to the consumer was fairly high. Although Lindner defended her price by saying Gotta Have S'More is a high-end dessert company, not a single shark was sold on the idea. Nevertheless, the s'muffin's story was not yet over. 

Where is Gotta Have S'More today?

Despite leaving "Shark Tank" without a deal, Gotta Have S'More still found success. According to Shark Tank Blog, Lindner negotiated a better shipping deal after her appearance on the show, which helped reduce her costs. However, Gotta Have S'More notes that the company was sold in 2014 to Annalisa Johnson, who actually owned the commercial bakery that was producing Lindner's s'muffins.

Regardless of the change in ownership, the company still seems to be going strong. As of 2021, the company had about $5 million in annual revenue. Gotta Have S'More continues to offer its original s'muffin, as well as seasonal packs, custom packs, and s'mookies (which are cookies combined with the perfect s'more).

Gotta Have S'More is available for order through its own website, as well as delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. The company regularly donates to and partners with FosterNation to help bring awareness to the foster care system (via Instagram). We love to see it!